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An internet ‘derelict’ explorer has taken pictures inside the abandoned Hopwood Hall.

Matthew Holmes, aka ‘The Derelict Explorer’ has taken a tour inside the Grade II-listed building in Middleton.

The internet explorer takes photos from inside abandoned and derelict buildings across the country and his latest adventure saw him snap pictures from inside the hall, which is currently being restored by American Hopwood DePree.

Hopwood DePree, from Michigan, claims that his ancestors are those that originally lived in the now-dilapidated Hopwood Hall.

As reported by Hollywood news site, Deadline, DePree is now making an “unscripted” TV series documenting his “journey from Hollywood to northern England” to save what he believes to be his ancestral home.

He is also regularly uploading videos to YouTube to show how the restoration’s progress.

DePree came across Hopwood Hall when researching his family tree, and in an interview with Good Morning Britain, has previously said that one of the main rooms in the house is “where his 14th great-grandfather was born.”

It was also announced recently that the hall will receive a grant of £460,000 to help with its repair.

The Hopwood Hall Estate project will receive a grant amount of £460,000 comprising of a ‘Heritage Stimulus Fund’ grant from Historic England of £368,294 and 25 per cent match funding of £92,073 from Rochdale Borough Council which will bring the total to approximately £460,000.

Take a look at the photos here:

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