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Lohmeier, a graduate of the Air Force Academy and a fighter pilot, stated: “Since taking command as a commander about 10 months ago, I saw what I consider fundamentally incompatible and competing narratives of what America was, is and should be. That wasn’t just prolific in social media, or throughout the country during this past year, but it was spreading throughout the United States military. And I had recognized those narratives as being Marxist in nature.”

This is but one example of the dangerous wave of free speech censorship in America. Loud alarms sounded with the removal of former President Donald Trump from Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech platforms. Twitter executives indicated Trump—who had about 90 million followers — would remain suspended indefinitely, while Facebook’s phony “Oversight Board” recently banned Trump’s free speech on their platform for two more years.

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, a life-long Democrat and unparalleled Constitutional scholar, stated: “We’re in a very, very dangerous situation now where the left, which has enormous influence on American universities, has enormous influence on social media, has enormous influence on certain kinds of politics in the media, are trying to suppress free speech, and they’re succeeding, and we have to fight back. What Donald Trump tweets — I may disagree with every single word he says — but he has the right to say it. When you ban a speaker, you also ban his viewers and listeners from having access to that speech, and that’s an equally dangerous aspect of violating free speech rights.”

Free speech censorship obviously isn’t limited to Lohmeier and Trump. Among many other public servants recently censored were Virginia teacher Byron Cross, suspended for comments on transgender issues, and New York teacher Paul Rossi, fired after revealing his school is “indoctrinating” students with antiracist lessons “at the cost of students’ psychological and intellectual development.”

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Incredibly, some private employers have initiated mandatory indoctrination of employees with CRT, teaching specious claims that America is fundamentally racist and one race is inherently superior to another. Those employees are forced to listen to Marxist propaganda calling for destruction of our Western justice system, our free-market economy and traditional religions. Out of fear of losing their jobs and possibly careers, most dare not speak freely in opposition.

How soon might your First Amendment rights be arbitrarily “canceled” by a unit of government or some other employer? Why would you continue to use Big Tech products that capriciously abolish a fundamental entitlement of our democracy?

Join Professor Dershowitz in “fighting back.” Demand that Congress and every state and local unit of government take steps to stop censorship of free speech by our military, public schools, other government units, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other analogous source.

Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

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