Huawei’s role in Britain’s 5G network at risk after US sanctions, minister says | #natoinalcybersecurity | #homelandsecurity

Up until now, the Government has said it would be limiting Huawei to non-core parts of the 5G network, and only allow it to account for 35pc of the network following concerns over its safety. 

However, there have been rumours it is planning a U-Turn on that decision and instead looking to block the Chinese firm altogether. 

MPs today doubled down on a warning that the Government would not receive sufficient backing for a bill allowing Huawei any role in building the infrastructure, with Mark Francois asking: “Isn’t the truth that everyone including you knows that the bill is dead as a dodo unless it excludes Huawei?”  

Ben Wallace, the Defence Minister, who also appeared before the committee, said he was “not happy” about high risk vendors being in the network.”The Government’s policy over time is to remove high risk vendors from the network,” he said.

Victor Zhang, vice president of Huawei, said: “We are investing billions to make the prime minister’s vision of a ‘connected Kingdom’ a reality so that British families and businesses have access to fast, reliable mobile and broadband networks wherever they live.

“We have been in the UK for 20 years and remain focused on working with our customers and the government to ensure the country gets the jobs and economic growth created by 5G as quickly as possible.”

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