HSBC text scam: Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis targeted | #socialmedia

MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis has been targeted by an HSBC text scam.

The broadcaster and journalist shared a screenshot of the attempt on social media.

The text he received purported to be the from the bank and claimed someone had set up a new payee on his account.

The message also contained a link for the recipient to click on.

But Martin pointed out that he does not even have an HSBC account and that the link was not a legitimate HSBC web address.

He added: “How dare they. Trying to scam me! Don’t they know who I am?! Clearly not!”

Some people on Twitter said the broadcaster has previously said that such scams can dupe anyone, regardless of their age, intelligence or vulnerability.

Martin replied: “Scams are sophisticated. While the vulnerable & stressed are more at risk, anyone can be hit.

“I’m sure people realise, after campaigning on this for years, my tweet was a bit of fun, to subtly raise awareness. It’s had far more response than my straight warnings.”

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