HPE GreenLake Platform Enhancements Fulfill 2019 Promise | #cloudsecurity

The platform deepens security, extends developer tools to provide, scalable and unified experience, from edge to cloud.

HPE DISCOVER/PARTNER GROWTH SUMMIT 2022 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has made platform enhancements and new cloud services for HPE GreenLake, the company’s flagship offering.

The boosts to the program aim to deliver an open, secure, and scalable platform and a solid set of cloud services. HPE says the enhancements will provide customers and partners with greater control, agility, and faster time to value in their hybrid cloud strategy.

The company announced advancements to the GreenLake platform back in March. 

HPE’s Antonio Neri

“Three years ago, at HPE Discover, HPE committed to delivering our entire portfolio as a service by 2022,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE. “Today, at our first in-person HPE Discover since 2019, I am proud to say that not only have we delivered on that commitment, but we have also become a new company in the process. HPE GreenLake is now the de facto platform for hybrid cloud and private cloud, and our industry-leading catalog of cloud services enable organizations to drive data-first modernization for all their workloads, from edge to cloud. The innovations unveiled today further build on our vision to provide the market with an unmatched platform to unleash innovation and transformation.”      

The HPE GreenLake Platform 

HPE GreenLake provides customers and partners with a unified, consistent cloud experience, the company said. It also gives them control and visibility, and access to more than 70 cloud services. Partners and customers alike are clamoring for an “all in one place” platform. With this, they are able to work from one control plane from which they can automate, orchestrate, and run their hybrid strategy, for all workloads.

Advancements to the GreenLake platform include several key components. They include: enhanced security; a new developer portal and tools; and a broader spectrum of capabilities to manage assets and workloads at scale.

HPE says the GreenLake platform is seeing strong customer demand. It now boasts more than 1,600 enterprise customers. In the second quarter, HPE reported an annualized revenue run-rate (ARR) of $829 million and triple-digit as-a-service orders growth for the third consecutive quarter.

GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise

The market for private clouds on-premises and at the edge is expanding rapidly. Enterprise customers, across a multitude of industries, are adopting modern private clouds as part of their hybrid, multicloud, and digital transformation strategy. The problem is, historically, traditional private cloud offerings have failed. This is due to several reasons; chief among them are complexity, manual processes, little visibility and governance, and solutions that can’t scale.

HPE saw a market opportunity here, and that’s where GreenLake comes in. The platform has become a sought-after tool for organizations seeking to roll out pay-per-use private clouds.

GreenLake aims to build on this momentum with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise. This is a new offering that takes the private cloud experience and provides automated, flexible, scalable, and enterprise-grade private cloud. And a bonus: It is built for both cloud-native and traditional applications. HPE Private Cloud Enterprise includes modular infrastructure and software and supports the deployment of bare metal, virtual machines, and container workloads.

Data, Storage, and Compute Cloud Services from HPE GreenLake

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