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Check How you can Fix Error 14 on Your iPhone

Did your iPhone just crash during an update or restore with a computer? If so, you are probably seeing the pop-up “an unknown error occurred (14)” on your computer. To make matters worse, you most likely won’t be able to start iOS either.

But do not worry. Working on the solution below can save you a trip to the Apple Store. Let us begin.

What causes error 14?

The “Unknown error (14)” pop-up (or simply error 14) occurs when updating or restoring an iPhone that is about to run out of storage. But that is not the only reason. A faulty USB cable, an outdated version of iTunes or Finder, or a corrupt IPSW (iPhone software) file can all contribute.

Error 14 usually ends up forcing your iPhone to start a boot cycle. To fix the problem, you need to enter recovery mode. You then have the option to do another update or restore and get the device working properly again.

Using recovery mode

As the name implies, recovery mode is a recovery environment that you can use to update or restore a malfunctioning iPhone. However, it requires a somewhat confusing set of button presses to access. You can find everything about how to enter and use recovery mode in our separate post. We recommend checking it as you go through each correction.

In some cases, error 14 forces your iPhone to boot into recovery mode. If you see a screen showing an image of a computer and a USB cable, you don’t need to enter recovery mode manually. Just connect it to your Mac or PC.

Recovery mode presents you with two different options. The first option (Update) allows you to update your iPhone without losing your data. The second option (Reset iPhone) resets your device to factory settings. If you have a backup, you can restore your iPhone backup later.

Change USB port or cable

The most likely reason for error 14 on the iPhone is a worn or faulty Lightning cable. Try changing the USB ports or use a different cable (ideally from another iOS device).

You can also use a third-party Lightning USB cable. Just make sure it’s MFi (Made for iPhone) certified.

Disable third-party security software

Third-party security software can interfere with iTunes or Finder and prevent the software from communicating with your iOS device. Try disabling any security software application on your PC or Mac and see if that helps.

Update iTunes or Finder

If the problem persists, you must update iTunes. You can do this through the App Store (Mac) or the Microsoft Store (PC).

However, if you use a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, you must use the Finder to interact with your iPhone. The only way to update Finder is to update your Mac system software. To do this, open the Apple menu and go to About This Mac> Software Update.

Delete the IPSW file and try again

iTunes and Finder download an IPSW file while updating or restoring your iPhone. It is what contains the data necessary to update or reinstall iOS.

However, a corrupted IPSW file can also generate error 14. Deleting it should force iTunes or Finder to redownload a fresh copy of the file the next time you update or restore the device.

How to delete an IPSW file on macOS

Open search engine. Then select Go> Go to Folder from the menu bar and run the following path:

~ / Library / iTunes / iPhone Software Updates

Hold down the Control key and click the IPSW file within the directory and select Move to Trash.

How to delete an IPSW file in Windows

Open File Explorer. Then copy and paste the following path into the address bar and hit Enter:

% appdata% Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software updates

Right-click on the IPSW file within the directory and select Delete.

Try DFU mode

If you keep getting error 14, try putting your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. It is an advanced recovery environment that helps reinstall both firmware and system software.

Final words: How you can Fix Error 14 on Your iPhone

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