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You may be one of those people who needs to write down all kinds of things on paper. Sticky notes are a good resource with which to collect everything you don’t want to lose, but what are more technological they use other techniques. One of them we present below which is that of write notes in Firefox and save them on your computer.

TextNotes helps you write notes in Firefox

There are many functions that help you improve your productivity when you are using your PC. We not only talk about all those services that help you organize yourself better or even help you edit your files on the Internet, but also those that do a small but important job. The clearest example is the note applications, which prevent you from forgetting important things or events. But sometimes an app is too much and if you consider it that way you can always resort to the extensions of your browsers.

A good example is TextNotes para Firefox. This extension opens a new tab for you where you can write what you need while browsing the internet. You can save each note individually and reuse it by clicking on the bar on the left where the ones you already have are placed. The interesting thing is that you not only have the ability to create each note separately, you can also create a new note from a selected text in another tab that you are using in your Internet session.

The only negative point is the save system. This must be manual using this option from the upper right, since it does not have autosave or saved in the cloud. In addition, these are saved on your PC, so you will not be able to use them from another machine or mobile device.

You can always use Keep

The other option that we leave you is Google Keep to save your notes. The good thing about this application is that you can have it whenever and wherever you want as long as you synchronize it with your Google account. This means that thanks to its saving in the cloud you can edit and create notes from your computer and also from your smartphone without losing information, but you will not have functions such as direct saving from a selected text from TextNotes.


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