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Check How to Use Find My Device Feature on Android Smartphone

Observe My Device allows you to effectively track, lock and wipe a lost or stolen phone remotely. You can also view your phone’s battery life and the Wi-Fi network it’s associated with. There are alternative ways to track a lost Android phone, but Find My Device is the easiest option and is enabled on all Android phones out of the case.

Watch My Device is a part of Google Play Protect and the larger Game Services, an installation of utilities aimed at protecting your phone from malicious substances. Google is using its AI domain to investigate and verify the apps installed on your phone, and considering that the Verify Apps feature has been around for quite some time, Google is making the interaction much more apparent to users.

How to use the Find My Device feature on an Android smartphone

Set up Google Find My Device

Losing your Android cell phone or tablet can be distressing. Google’s Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) helps you find and, if necessary, remotely protect your cell phone, tablet, and smartwatch, or even wipe your device if it’s stolen or abandoned . tracking it down

You set up Google Find My Device on any of your Android devices and then use it to find your device from your PC or another of your Androids using the Find My Device app. Sign in to the app using your Google certifications and you’ll get a workplace-like experience.

Make sure you set up your device correctly

Here’s how to verify that you’ve set up your device correctly.

  • Turn on the device.
  • Pull down twice from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings, and make sure Wi-Fi or Mobile Data (or both) are turned on.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap Google > Google account.
  • Tap Security & location.
  • Under Find My Device, it will say On or Off. If it’s off, tap Find My Device and toggle the switch to On.
  • Go back to Security & Location and scroll down to the Privacy section.
  • Under Location, it will say On or Off. If it’s off, tap Location and toggle the switch to On. Here you can see recent location requests from apps on your phone.
  • By default, your phone is visible on Google Play, but it is possible to hide it. To check the status of your device on Google Play, go to On that page you will see a list of your devices. Under Visibility, select Show in menus.

Use Google Find My Device

Now that you’ve set up Find My Device, you can use it whenever you lose your phone or tablet.

  • Start by opening a browser tab, then go to and sign in to your Google account.
  • Find My Device will attempt to detect your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. If location services are turned on, Find My Device will reveal your location. If it works, you will see a map with a pin placed on the location of the device.
  • Once you find my device working, you can do one of three things:
    • Play Sound: Make your Android play a sound, even if it’s set to silent.
    • Secure Device: You can remotely lock your device if you think it’s been lost or stolen. Optionally, you can add a message and phone number to the lock screen in case someone finds it and wants to return the device.
    • Wipe Device: If you think you’re not going to get your device back, you can wipe it so no one can access your data. Wiping performs a factory reset on your device, but if your phone is offline, you won’t be able to wipe it until you’re back online.

Final words: How to Use Find My Device Feature on Android Smartphone

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