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Screenshots are very useful if you want to quickly save what you see online on your smartphone.Most modern smartphones have this feature, and they also have gestures. Shortcut to take a screenshotTo integrate this feature into the Chrome browser for Android, Google has introduced a new tool. Here’s how to take screenshots of web pages in Google Chrome on Android and how to edit and crop them.

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Take a screenshot of a web page in Chrome on Android

The Google Chrome 91 update for Android provides this new tool and hides it in the share menu. It’s not available if you’re using an older version, and if you don’t see the update, you can try it in beta. Click here for how to use this function!

How to take a screenshot in Chrome

1. Open “share” Tap and hold anywhere on the screen or address bar and tap the share icon to open the Chrome menu.

2. Two lines appear in the share pop-up menu. The first line shows social media apps and mobile phone messengers for sharing web pages. In the second row, a new “screenshot” Optional before copying the link.

3. Tap this option to capture a screenshot of the page. And at the bottom you will see three options- “Crop”, “Text”, “Draw”.

4. Tap any of these options to edit the screenshot.If not, in the upper right corner[次へ]Tap.

5. You will see the options there again- “Share screenshot”, “Save to device only”, “Delete”.

Tap any option as needed. To edit, follow the steps below.

Trimming and editing screenshots

When the screenshot is complete, you will be presented with three options. Crop, text, drawing.

i) If you want to crop the screenshot, tap the first option and crop the image as needed. However, it is not possible to lock the set aspect ratio at this time.

ii) If you want to add text, tap the second option, select a color, pencil size and start typing in the box.

iii) Finally, you can also tap the third option to freely draw and mark the screenshot.

Once you’ve made the screenshot changes,[次へ]You can tap and select each option to save or share.

That’s all for taking screenshots and editing web pages in Chrome on Android. Stay tuned for these tips and tricks!

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How to take screenshots and edit web pages in Google Chrome on Android – Gadgets to use

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