How to support collaboration between security and developers | #cloudsecurity

A tension between developers and security is often talked about and making the two sides work together might sound fanciful. But “shifting left” can make a real difference, moving security from the end of the software development lifecycle to an earlier point in the process. By employing security tools as part of the development pipeline, developers can end their nightmare of trying to sort out cybersecurity flaws at the end of a development process. This trick not only frees up time for the developers but drives efficiency across the entire organization.

About the author

Ashley Ward is Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Palo Alto Networks.

The potential for improved security awareness and processes in DevOps is clear when you consider how basic but serious flaws in cloud security continue to be a problem. For example, the most recent Cloud Threat Report from our threat intelligence team, Unit 42, revealed poor cybersecurity in cloud-based software and infrastructure; 74% of the cloud installations they examined were running workloads in Google Cloud with admin privileges that aren’t secure enough.

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