How to secure your Google accounts, limit tracking and keep snoops out | #computerhacking | #hacking

Here’s a nightmare scenario: You’re enjoying your hard-earned summer vacation when you realize your phone or laptop is missing.

Beyond the cost of replacing it, you may have lost years of photos and other files – and opened yourself up to some pretty scary consequences. Tap or click for steps to wipe your tech remotely in case this ever happens.

One place you don’t want someone snooping is your inbox. Don’t create folders with names like “Medical documents” or “Tax info.” Tap or click for 10 hidden email features you should be using.

Your Google account is one of the most important things on your devices, especially if you’re a Gmail user. Here’s a simple way to ensure yours doesn’t end up in the wrong hands:

Just how detailed is data tracking?

Google’s tracking is mainly for its benefit or for companies that pay big money to target you with ads based on your data.

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