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As Mac admins and users, a password remains a viable and commonly used way to protect data and privacy. For a password to work effectively however, it is imperative to keep it safe. If you forget your password or feel that it’s no longer secure, reset it immediately. In this article, we will show you multiple ways to reset your macOS password.

If you’re a JumpCloud user, please refer to our support article on a simple and secure method for resetting your password via the JumpCloud Mac App. 

Reset Password: The Choice Is Yours

There are many ways to reset your Mac password — you may or may not be able to use each one, depending on your access privileges. Methods explored in this article include:

  1. Reset using your Apple ID
  2. Use another (admin) account
  3. Reset using a recovery key
  4. Use the Recovery Mode

1. Reset Mac Password Using Your Apple ID

You can use your Apple ID to reset your password if your Mac user or admin account is associated with your Apple ID. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Click the question mark icon next to the password field. If you do not see a question mark, hold down the power button until your device shuts down. Afterwards, press the power button to restart your Macbook.
  3. You will see an arrow icon (Figure 1) with an instruction: “if you forgot your password, you can… Restart and show password reset options.” Click on the arrow. The system will automatically restart for you.
  4. Your device will reboot into Recovery Assistant. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  5. Afterwards, a new page will appear asking you to provide your new Mac password and a password hint (Figure 2). Enter the necessary details, click Next and follow the instructions.
Figure 1
Figure 2

2. Use Another (Admin) Account to Reset Your Mac Password

If you have another administrator account and you remember its password, you can use it to reset the password for your user account or admin account. 

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