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An Apple ID is used to sign in to Apple devices and services. If a user forgets their account password, there are a few ways to reset it.

An Apple ID is a single account that’s used to sign in to Apple devices, and in case a user forgets their password, there are a few methods to reset it. An Apple ID is also used to log in to various Apple services such as the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, iCloud, and iMessage. Losing access to an Apple ID means users may not be able to use these services. An Apple ID is also required to sign in to Apple Music and Apple TV on an Android device.

Apple recommends setting up 2-factor authentication for an Apple ID to prevent unauthorized use of an account. This involves setting a trusted device or phone number, where a user can receive a verification code when signing in. Using two-factor authentication will ensure that even if someone gains access to an Apple ID password, they won’t be able to sign in to the account unless they enter the verification code.


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If a user loses access to their Apple ID, they can reset it on any Apple device they own. To reset an Apple ID password on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, go to Settings and tap the user name. Then tap on Password & Security followed by Change Password. If iCloud is already signed in on the device, and a passcode is enabled, Apple will ask for the passcode to be entered. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password. To reset the Apple ID password on a Mac, click on the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and then on System Preferences followed by Password & Security. If asked for the Apple ID password, click on Forgot Apple ID or password and follow the onscreen instructions. Alternatively, click on Change Password, enter the password used to unlock the Mac, and proceed.

Reset Apple ID Password Using Someone Else’s Apple Device

Apple Support App

Apple also lets users reset their Apple ID password using a friend or family member’s Apple device. To do this, first, download the Apple support app on an iPhone or iPad. Inside the app, tap on Passwords & Security and then on Reset Apple ID password. Tap on Get Started and then A different Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID that requires a password reset, and then Next. Follow the onscreen instructions until the app confirms that the Apple ID password has been reset.

If the steps mentioned above don’t work, Apple has one last method users can try. Head to and enter the Apple ID. Select the option to reset the password and then click on Continue. Choose to either answer security questions, get a verification email, or enter the 14-digit Recovery key generated when enabling 2-factor authentication for Apple ID. Then it is just a matter of following the onscreen steps to reset the password. After the password has been reset, Apple will ask users to sign in again with the new password. Users might also be required to update their Apple ID password in settings on other devices.

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