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Mozilla abandoned Google in favor of Yahoo As Firefox’s default search engine in the United States. If you’re having fun using the previous default Google search in Firefox, you’ll need to dig deeper into the settings and undo them.And while tinkering with Firefox’s search settings, there are a few others Search options Consider.

Before you start working on something new, let’s first switch Firefox back to the old search method. To get rid of Yahoo search, open Firefox Environmental setting Click Search tab.. (Enter characters in Firefox,[設定]of[検索]You can also go directly to the tab. Search bar Invoke the search window before clicking Change search settings It’s at the bottom of the window above. )

Screenshots by Matt Elliott / CNET

[設定]of[検索]From the tab[Yahoo]You can see that is selected. Default search engine range. Use the pull-down menu to return to Google or select one of the other search providers.There is also a checkbox just below Providing search suggestions.. Note that if you select this box, Firefox will display suggestions as you type in the search bar, but not in the address bar.

Firefox has added a new wrinkle to the search bar. This allows you to quickly use a non-default search engine for a particular search. You can search using another search engine by typing in the search bar. The default search engine is displayed at the top of the search bar window, just below the search bar, and above search suggestions (if enabled). Below are icons for other search options such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and Wikipedia.

After entering your search term, click one of the icons to open a new tab containing the results for that search option. You can also use the down arrow to toggle options before pressing Enter to select.

[設定]Same of[検索設定]On the tabs, you can choose which of these alternative search engines to display.There is also a link to Add a search provider, Go to the add-on page where you can add other search sites to Firefox.

How to remove Yahoo as Firefox’s default search engine

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