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Smartphone spying has become commonplace in the age of mobile technology. However, people generally don’t take their smartphone security seriously until they become the victim of a cybercrime, of course. There are many reasons why you should fear mobile spying. For example, if you conduct your online transactions over compromised public Wi-Fi, you may be exposed to financial theft. Similarly, a hacker can build a backdoor on your device to spy on your activities by hacking into your phone’s webcam.

Or a cyber stalker could inject malware into your phone to track your GPS, read your messages, and always know your exact location. The reasons may be many, but the one who suffers the consequences of mobile espionage is you. The victim could even be someone in your family, such as your siblings, children, etc.

In addition to the vast amounts of personal data transmitted unencrypted over mobile networks opened by the apps themselves, authorities have allegedly been able to obtain even more intrusive information, including a person’s religion, sexual orientation and marital status, from networks third-party advertising. that place ads in smartphone apps.

How to protect your phone from spyware

Put your phone in airplane mode while playing

Most games don’t need an internet connection to run, but their ad networks do. Removing the connection will block the display of advertisements and will stop the transmission of your personal data, both by the game and third-party advertisements. Airplane mode can also help your game run a little smoother as the processor stops trying to load ads.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) while connecting to the Internet

A VPN encrypts all data traffic to and from your phone, tablet, or computer by routing it through a VPN provider’s server. Using a VPN won’t stop apps and ads from collecting and transmitting your personal data, but it will make it much harder for spies or hackers to eavesdrop on those transmissions. VPN apps like Hotspot Shield or VPN Express can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Do not post to social media accounts while connected to mobile data networks

Instead, wait until you’re connected to your secure, password-protected Wi-Fi network at home or at work. Better yet, don’t post anything to social media accounts from your smartphone. Please wait until you are sitting at a desktop or laptop computer and connected to the social networking service via a secure HTTPS connection (see next item).

Install HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera desktop browsers provided free of charge by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. There’s no smartphone equivalent yet, but if a website, like Facebook or Twitter, is able to securely connect to your computer, HTTPS Everywhere will make sure it does.

Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and geolocation on your phone

Wi-Fi, GPS and geolocation can be used to quickly pinpoint your location. Don’t use them until you absolutely need them. You may need to go into each app’s settings to disable geolocation, but start with apps capable of taking photos. If you do all of that, spies and hackers won’t be able to use the app’s data to know where you are or where you’ve been.

Turn off mobile data connections

If you don’t need to receive constant email updates on the go, turn off mobile data and go online only when connected to a secure, password-protected Wi-Fi network. You’ll still be able to receive texts and voice calls, and battery life will likely improve.

Final words: How to protect your phone from spyware

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