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With cyberattacks surging over the course of the COVID-19 crisis, it has never been more important to have comprehensive security installed. The pandemic has brought with it a period of uncertainty that has been severe and prolonged, and with this has come an elevated threat level for internet users across the board.

Lockdowns around the globe in response to the pandemic have led to a rise in remote working, and with many people stuck inside for long periods of time it is natural that computer usage and screen time have spiked over the past year. This surge in the use of electronic devices has been seized upon by cybercriminals, who have capitalised on fear and confusion to ramp up their operations. From fake vaccine promises to contact tracing hoaxes, hackers have stopped at nothing to turn this time of crisis into an opportunity.

ESET’s offering for home Windows provides a complete range of products to match every user’s needs including ESET Internet Security (EIS), an advanced internet security solution that brings rock-solid protection for modern web users; ESET NOD32 Antivirus (EAV), a fast and light solution that is perfect for gamers and everyday users who don’t want any interruptions; and ESET Smart Security Premium (ESSP), a comprehensive product built without compromise for users who want it all, including extra theft protection and easy password management. Additionally, each product has also received a major upgrade with version 14 of ESET’s Windows products bringing a range of new features including improvements in malware detection.

Securing your finances

While online banking and payments have been on the rise for some time, the past year has seen physical bank branches shuttered, in turn increasing the uptake of online services. Financial transactions are potentially the most sensitive activity carried out online, so it is essential that the process is secure. The latest update to ESET’s Windows range includes upgraded banking and payment protection – automatically protecting you while banking online or accessing web-based crypto wallets. The software encrypts communications between the keyboard and the browser for safer transactions, protects you from keyloggers, and notifies you if you’re connected to potentially vulnerable public Wi-Fi.

Securing your identity

Even without financial details, cybercriminals can do considerable damage using personal details and passwords. Identity theft is a major threat, especially given the rise of COVID-19-themed phishing attacks which can leave victims with emptied bank accounts or massive credit card debt. Protecting sensitive data is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult: ESET’s products for Windows provide peace of mind that comes from knowing your identity is safe from cybercriminals, giving you the ability to remotely log out of websites and close browser tabs – both of which may prove invaluable if your device were ever to be lost or stolen.

Securing your devices

Spending more time at home may have led some to think about making improvements to their home setup, such as setting up a connected home. Connected home devices can help make our lives easier – from keeping an eye on your front door to controlling music with just your voice – but it is easy to forget how vulnerable these devices can be. Smart speakers, baby monitors, and home assistants may collect and store our data, so it is essential that we protect them from hackers. If a network is compromised, so too are the devices connected to it. In fact, earlier this year ESET researchers uncovered a security flaw in the Wi-Fi chips of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that allowed malicious actors to decrypt wireless networks. ESET estimates that over one billion devices were affected by the vulnerability it named ‘KrØØk’. Ensuring your devices are updated is essential in helping to prevent future attacks by applying the latest available updates to your Wi-Fi capable devices.

Home security software is instrumental here, especially as you often only need one subscription to protect all of the devices on your network. ESET’s range of home products offers an overview of multiple elements across your home, notifying you of any problems in real time and ensuring that malware and other security issues are detected before they cause a problem.

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