How to protect your data from cyber attacks following Google security breaches | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

Billions of Google users have been placed on high alert following the second time in a week following multiple high-level attacks on its browser. 

While there’s little information on the nature of the attacks, the tech company has released a critical update for Google Chrome in response.

The majority of users are expected to be unaffected but tech commentator Geoff Quattromani says it’s a reminder to take extra steps and protect your information from future attacks.

“It seems to happen more and more often,” he told Sofie Formica. “We can’t always assume that the browser we’re using or the website we’re going to is completely safe.

“Even last week, having Facebook go down, it makes us realise how vulnerable the internet can be at times.”

Press PLAY below to hear Geoff Quattromani’s tips to protecting your data 

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