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Check How to Perform a Safety Check in Chrome

It is important to know how to run security checks in Google Chrome. Bad browser malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, and leaked passwords lost in data breaches are some of the common threats we all face now that we do our daily work through a web browser like Chrome. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure the browser of your choice is secure and up-to-date. Think of it as good hygiene. You can ignore your browser health for a while, but ignoring it for too long will increase your chances of ending up in a sticky and awkward situation.

How to perform a security check in Chrome

The Security Checkup feature in Chrome is a great way to check for dangers while using your favorite browser. Open Chrome and follow these steps to get started.

  • Click the Customize & Control button (three dots) at the top right.
  • Select Settings.
  • On the left side, select Security Check.
  • At the top you will see the Security Verification box, click Verify Now.

As the verification runs, you will begin to see icons displayed for the items you are reviewing. When the security check completes, you will see the final results. Now that you know how to run the Security Checkup, let’s dig a little deeper into each item in those results.


Updates will check if the version of Google Chrome you are using is up to date. It’s a handy way to ensure you’re using the latest version that may include important security updates. If Chrome updates for you, you’ll see a Relaunch button next to Updates when it’s done. Tap Relaunch to restart Chrome and complete the update process.


The Passwords part of the check reviews the passwords you have saved in Chrome to see if any have been compromised. This can happen when a data breach occurs. You will see the number of saved passwords you have involved. Click Review to review your list, make edits, or go to the source websites to change your passwords. Take a look at our full article on how to find weak or compromised passwords in Chrome for full details.

Secure browsing

This checks whether you have Safe Browsing (a Chrome security setting) turned on or off. If you use the feature, you will see what settings you have enabled as in the screenshot below. You can learn more about the available Safe Browsing settings by clicking that option in the Safety Checkup results. Double check that you’re using the setting that’s best for you, or enable one if you have it turned off. Safe Browsing in Chrome checks for things like unsafe websites, data leaks, and dangerous events.


The last item in the Security Checkup checks the extensions you’ve installed on Chrome for any potentially harmful extensions. Similar to checking passwords, you’ll see how many extensions it involves. Click the Review button to take a look. You’ll see a warning below the name of any extension that you should be aware of, for whatever reason. You can disable any extension by sliding its switch to the left. But, if you want to go one step further and remove the extension, it only takes two clicks. Click Remove for that extension and then confirm by clicking Remove once more in the pop-up window.

Rerun the security check

Depending on the items you are dealing with that are found in the Security Checkup results, you may want to run another check. If you act immediately, you can go back to the existing security check and click the Refresh icon to run another one. Otherwise, just follow the same steps at the beginning of this tutorial to run the check again.

Be a safe browser, do a regular security check on Chrome

With this tool built into Chrome to keep you safer when you work or play online, there’s no reason not to check regularly.

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