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Most companies are offering employees more flexible work options than ever before. Consequently, organizations must implement strategies to optimize hybrid workforce security and productivity.

A NYC area hybrid workforce expert explains how to optimize hybrid workforce security and productivity in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first reviews challenges to hybrid workforce security and productivity, including the lack of a security perimeter and multiple ways to connect.

The author recommends some cybersecurity basics, such as zero trust, employee training, endpoint security, and timely patching. She continues by discussing tools that support collaboration flexibility, like Microsoft Loop, and the new Share-to-Stage feature in Teams. She concludes by examining human factors and the need to blend technology solutions with cultural changes.

“Most companies are offering employees more flexible work options than ever before,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Consequently, organizations must implement strategies to optimize hybrid workforce security and productivity.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Maximize Hybrid Workforce Security and Productivity.”

Challenges to Hybrid Workforce Security and Productivity

“As a large chunk of the workforce has moved at least partially remote, traditional security approaches no longer suffice. It is no longer possible for IT to identify and secure the perimeter. Instead of a corporate network almost entirely on-premises, cloud computing means that employees access critical resources from almost anywhere.”

The Right Tools Increase Productivity and Security

“As hybrid work has taken center stage, the technology community has stepped up to supply tools to support greater flexibility in the way people collaborate. For instance, Microsoft has begun delivering Microsoft Loop to allow users to collaborate fluidly, removing the boundaries between applications.”

Remember the Humans

“As most office workers moved to remote work during the pandemic, employees in many cases reported greater levels of productivity. They cited the ability to work a more flexible schedule, allowing them to match their work hours to their lifestyle and personality. They also mentioned the reduction of distractions caused by coworker chatting.”

“However, increased productivity comes at a price. Over time, workers began to experience digital exhaustion. Microsoft statistics suggest that employees more than doubled their time in video meetings. And they sent far more work-related chats and emails, including after hours. Much of this communication occurred without schedule, putting stress on the work/life balance.”

eMazzanti Delivers the Expertise to Power a Hybrid Workforce

With a workforce spread across multiple continents, eMazzanti understands firsthand the challenges and opportunities inherent with hybrid work. Consequently, the company supplies both the tools and the expertise needed to help organizations find the optimal security and productivity balance in the hybrid work environment.

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