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Featured - How to Insert an Animated GIF into a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint’s default transitions add some life to your presentation, but what if you want to go a step further? Knowing how to add a GIF to PowerPoint is a useful tool – allowing you to win your audience over with memes and references, insert a quick UI demonstration, and more.

GIF for PowerPoint: An Animated picture for your presentation

Microsoft thankfully makes it quite easy to add a GIF in PowerPoint, but you may have to do things differently depending on where it’s from and how you want it to display. If you don’t want your GIF to loop endlessly, for example, you’ll have to make some adjustments in a GIF splitter program.


Not to worry, though, we’ll be showing you exactly how to add a GIF to PowerPoint today, and will cover several different scenarios. Let’s start:

How to Insert a GIF in PowerPoint From Your PC

If you already have the PowerPoint GIF you want to add, the process to add it to your slide is simple. A couple of clicks in the ribbon and you’ll be on  your way:

  1. Open the “Insert” tab of the ribbon and click “Images > Pictures > This Device…”

  2. Navigate to your GIF in File Explorer, click it, and press “Insert”

  3. View your GIF in PowerPoint by viewing the slideshow from your current slide

    To do so, open the “Slide Show” tab of the ribbon and select “From Current Slide”. Once you’ve verified that it’s animating correctly, you can adjust things such as formatting or size. You can, for example, create a GIF background in PowerPoint by dragging it to fill your entire slide. Just make your GIF is high quality enough to not look awful on a big screen.

How to Find GIFs for PowerPoint on the Web

So, you know how to add a GIF to PowerPoint, but where can you find them online? PowerPoint has an in-built search tool, but you may want to consider browsing some popular GIF sites for more variety. Here are the best places to look:

  1. Find GIFs for PowerPoint via the Insert tool

    For the quickest results, you can grab a GIF directly in PowerPoint. Just open the “Insert” tab of your ribbon and click “Images > Pictures > Online Pictures…”.

  2. Search for “Animated Gif”, tick an image, and press “Insert”

    This function is very useful as you can also tick the “Creative Commons only” checkbox. This will ensure your images don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright.

  3. Find GIFs for PowerPoint on GIPHY

    GIPHY is one of the most popular GIF platforms on the planet. It has over 100 million daily active users who send over a billion gifs a day. As you can imagine, then, it has a lot of GIFs to choose from.

    To find one that suits you, head to the GIPHY website and search for the topic, subject, or emotion you’d like a GIF of. 

  4. Right-click a GIF you like and press “Save image as”

  5. Navigate to a folder, name the GIF, and press “Save”

  6. Finding PowerPoint GIFs on Tenor

    If you didn’t find what you’re looking for on GIPHY, the Google-owned Tenor is a great alternative. Much like GIPHY, you just need to head to the Tenor website and search for a topic or emotion.

  7. Right-click a GIF you like and press “Save image as”

  8. Save the GIF

    Navigate to a folder in File Explorer, choose a folder, and name your GIF something memorable. Then click “Save”.

How to Make a Powerpoint GIF Loop a Certain Number of Times

An infinitely looping GIF runs the risk of distracting viewers from the main content of your presentation. As a result, you may want to edit your GIF to loop only one of a few times before you insert it in PowerPoint. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Go to the EzGIF splitter and upload your GIF

    EzGIF’s frame extractor is simple and easy to use. First, click “Choose File”.

  2. Find your GIF and press “Open”
  3. Click “Upload!”

  4. Press “Split to frames!”

  5. Press “Edit animation” above your image

  6. Change the “Loop count” number and press “Make a GIF!”

    Leaving this option blank makes the GIF loop infinitely.

  7. Press the “Save” button at the bottom of the page and insert the GIF in PowerPoint

How to Insert GIFs from Your Keyboard and Show File Extensions in Explorer

Now that you know how to Insert a GIF in PowerPoint you may be wondering how to do so in other apps. An easy way to do this is to follow our guide on inserting GIFs from your Windows 10 keyboard.

If however, you’re struggling to differentiate GIFs from other picture types in File Explorer, you can learn how to show file extensions.


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