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Check How to Hide App on Android or iPhone

Finding out how to hide apps on Android can be frustrating. Not all Android phone brands offer you the option to do this, and each has a different process for those that do. It is unnecessarily difficult to figure out how to hide apps that often distract you or private apps that you prefer to keep away from other users of your phone.

Although Android 12 introduces native support for locked folders when it comes out of beta later this year, hidden apps aren’t coming anytime soon. Your only option for now is to use a Samsung, OnePlus, or Xiaomi phone that has this feature as part of their exclusive Android skins. Follow our guides below to find out how to use the hidden app systems of these three brands. When more phone makers offer the option to hide apps in the future, we will definitely add them to our list.

Apple offers its users numerous customization features and allows them to manage the applications on the iPhone. However, one of the features that was missing from iPhones is the ability to allow users to hide an installed application or simply make it private so that others cannot access it. And although Apple devices lack a special function for this, it is still possible to keep a particular application out of sight, or in other words, make it private. Follow these simple steps to learn how to hide apps on iPhone.

Hide apps on Samsung phones

Here’s how to hide apps on a Samsung Android phone. Not all Samsung phones have the same settings, but this method should work:

  • Open your app drawer.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right.
  • Open your home screen settings (or just settings).
  • Select the Hide apps option.
  • Choose the apps you want to hide.
  • Confirm with the Apply button (or press Done).

Hide apps on LG phones

Some LG phones allow you to hide applications through the home screen settings.

  • Long press the home screen to open the Home Screen Settings.
  • Open the option to Hide apps.
  • Choose any app you want to hide.
  • Confirm with the Done button.

Hide apps on Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi phones have a built-in app lock feature, but you need to set it up. Here’s how to disguise apps on Xiaomi phones:

  • Open your settings.
  • Tap App lock then the gear icon.
  • Touch Hidden apps.
  • Tap Manage hidden apps.
  • Choose the apps you want to hide.

Later, you can find the apps you have hidden by zooming out on the home screen and unlocking the app lock feature with your fingerprint.

Hide apps on OnePlus phones

OnePlus phones have a feature called the Hidden Space folder that allows you to hide apps. You can even password protect the Hidden Space folder to make sure your apps stay more hidden. Here’s how to hide apps on OnePlus phones:

  • Open the app drawer and swipe to the right.
  • Touch + to add applications.
  • Touch the check mark to confirm.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Enable password and set a strong password for maximum security.

Hide apps on Huawei phones

Huawei phones have a private folder called PrivateSpace where you can hide apps along with files and lock them with your fingerprint. However, you cannot move applications from your home screen to PrivateSpace; you will need to download them again directly to the PrivateSpace folder.

First, you must first configure PrivateSpace by going to Settings> Security & Privacy> PrivateSpace. With that set up, here’s how to hide apps on your Huawei phone:

  • Open PrivateSpace with your fingerprint.
  • Download the apps you want to keep private. And that is.

How to hide apps on iPhone

To hide apps on the iPhone, you need to create a folder for some apps and push the apps you want to hide (maybe a dating app or a game that is too old to play) to the second page of the folder. . Then the apps will not be visible on your home screen. The process is really simple. If all your apps are taking up too much space, here’s how to free up storage space on your smartphone.

  • First, create a folder. You can do this by touching and holding an app and dragging it on top of another app. This will create a folder with those two applications. Once you see that the folder has been created, you can release the app. You can add as many applications to the folder as you like. The folder will be named automatically by your phone, but you can change this by clicking on the text above the folder after creating it.
  • Now, drag the application you want to hide to the folder you just created. Long-press the app to drag it into the new folder, just like you did in the last step to create the folder.
  • If you want to hide more than one application, drag it to the folder as well.
  • Next, open the folder and long press the app you want to hide. While keeping your finger on it, drag it to the right side of the folder. A new folder page will be created and your application will be moved to it. Drop the app so it stays on the second page of the binder.
  • Repeat step 4 for all the apps you want to hide. As you create more pages in your folder, you will see various dots appear at the bottom of the screen. Those dots indicate how many pages are in your folder, and you can swipe left or right to navigate between them.
  • Then when you return to the home screen, only the apps will be visible on the first page of the folder. Watch out for these red flags that someone is tracking your cell phone.

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