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Minecraft is a title that doesn’t just want to be a game. It’s for this reason that Minecraft Education Edition exists.

That version was created to give players some things to learn while playing. They can learn about chemistry, coding video games, and so much more through it. The developers even released an interactive map to help gamers study climate change and how to combat the effects.

Clearly, Mojang takes the idea of corporate social responsibility seriously. They are a game development company, but they’re working on adding things to become much more than that.


That’s a big reason for their latest important project: the blockworks library.

Minecraft Blockworks library: Everything crafters need to know

To get information on this new map, players can visit its site. The library is free to play and accessible to everyone in single-player worlds and officially opened on March 12.

On Minecraft, users can access this map pretty easily. Aside from going through the official website or finding one of blockworks’ official channels, they can join the server through the game.

The Uncensored Library (Image via blockworks)
The Uncensored Library (Image via blockworks)

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Ensure the game is on version 1.14.4 for the server.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Click Play.
  4. Navigate to the Multiplayer tab.
  5. Find Servers.
  6. Click to join another one.
  7. Enter “” in the URL spot.
  8. Click to connect.

Minecraft gamers on other versions of the game, perhaps 1.19 since it was just released, can join via the download links on the Blockworks site.

The library comes from Blockworks, a company in the financial media area. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

“One of our most ambitious projects to date, we worked with Reporters Without Borders, MediaMonks, and DDB to create a Minecraft experience dedicated to the freedom of the press and exposing press censorship. We were asked to build a giant library inside Minecraft containing censored journals and articles, banned in several countries, thus bypassing press censorship in oppressive regimes.”

They used 24 builders from 16 different countries to construct the library, which exists to help players get access to valuable reading material that would otherwise be censored in their area.

“The Uncensored Library is available for free to players of Minecraft on PC or Mac. The map can be downloaded on our website under the section ‘downloads’. The Uncensored Library is also available via a Minecraft multiplayer server.”

The library is devoted to over 180 countries in the freedom index. It specifically has sections dedicated to five countries with strict media censorship:

  • Russia
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia

The official name for the project is the Uncensored Library, and it has won several awards, including three Cannes Gold Lions and a Clio Grand Prix. The Uncensored Library has been the subject of a lot of media coverage.

Over 750 million news stories have been dedicated to it. It has also received millions of social media impressions, so it’s a very popular project.

Censorship is an increasingly worrisome issue in many places, so Reporters Without Borders and Blockworks have come up with a solution for now. For more information, check out the official website for the project.

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