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Android 12 introduced many welcome additions, including an all-new design, dynamic themes, and privacy and security improvements. Unfortunately, not every Android 12 change was met with the same level of appreciation. One of the tweaks that received backlash was the Internet Panel Google introduced in place of the Wi-Fi and mobile data toggles. Thankfully, you can switch it back if you are not a fan, provided your Pixel still runs Android 12— the method seems to have been disabled with Android 13.


Google tried to justify the new networking control panel in a blog post. It explained that most users who turn off Wi-Fi do so because of a poor connection, swapping to cellular data temporarily. But some users forget to enable Wi-Fi when they have a better connection and use more mobile data than they otherwise would. The blog post also claims that some Android fans who found the change frustrating at first are warming up to it over time.

Still, as with any change that directly affects power users, there is bound to be a cluster of people unwilling to bend the knee. If you have a Pixel phone on Android 12 and are frustrated with the new toggle, you can bring back the dedicated Wi-Fi toggle with just two ADB commands (per Mishaal Rahman on Twitter).

Root access isn’t required for this process—make sure you have ADB debugging enabled under Developer options. If you haven’t used ADB commands, head to Android Studio to grab the latest platform tools. Don’t worry—you won’t need the complete Software Development Kit (SDK). For detailed instructions, check out our guide on using ADB on any device.

Plug your phone into your computer, then open either Command Prompt or Terminal from the platform-tools folder, depending on your desktop OS. Once you’ve allowed ADB permissions, enter the following two strings in the command line editor and hit enter:

settings put global settings_provider_model false

settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles “wifi,cell,$(settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles)”

If everything works, the tiles should reappear in your quick settings immediately—even without a restart. It works the same as Android 11 but with the refreshed look of Android 12. However, the new Internet Panel tile will continue working alongside the Wi-Fi and mobile data options. In fact, the ADB command only reverts it to an older version called Internet Connectivity, which lets you toggle Wi-Fi, mobile data, and airplane mode.

If you ever want to go back to Android 12’s default Internet tile, you can use the following commands:

settings put global settings_provider_model true

settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles “internet,$(settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles)”

While this method has proved to work on any Google Pixel phone running Android 12, the same can’t be said of future OS versions. We tried to replicate the same commands on Android 13 without success, even though they worked flawlessly on our Android 12 devices. So, it’s safe to say that the commands have been disabled on newer Android versions.

Ready to try Android 13?

Expect to see Android 13 make its debut in late summer 2022. If you’re a Google Pixel owner and don’t want to wait to see what all the hype is about, you can install the Android 13 beta now.

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