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Excel for your next role as a devops practitioner with 25+ hours of content on Git, CompTIA cloud, Docker, & Ansible

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DevOps is a practice where collaboration between different disciplines of software development is encouraged. For example, we’ll consider a system used to report bugs. Quite often, development teams and quality assurance teams use different systems to handle tasks and bugs.

The operation team, in turn, might use a third system to handle requests for deployment. With DevOps, we’ll synergize the workflow system with similar properties to increase efficiency and decrease costs. If you’re looking to explore a career in DevOps, the online DevOps training course will give you an edge in any industry.

What’s in the Bundle?

In this bundle, Certs-School provides you with five courses to introduce you to the DevOps field, improve your skills, and later excel as an actual practitioner. You’ll get a basic introduction to the DevOps tools and methodologies, Git, CompTIA Cloud, Docker, and Ansible. Let’s explore the courses:

  1. DevOps Training Certification Course: You’ll learn everything about DevOps tools and methodologies, commonly known as PDDO (Plan, Develop, Deliver, and Operate). Also, understand how to bring DevOps culture to your organization by implementing a standard set of practices throughout the application lifecycle.
  2. Git Training Certification Course: Git considers data like a series of snapshots of a miniature filesystem. Every time you commit or save your project’s state, Git takes a snapshot of the files at that moment and saves it as a reference. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Git, how to set up Git, three-stage workflow, and creating repositories in Git, Github, and more.
  3. CompTIA Cloud Essentials: Having proficiency in CompTIA shows that you have the expertise in handling data center jobs. This course teaches you the skills required for system administrators. Learn how to execute workload migration in the cloud, allocation of cloud resources, and maintenance.
  4. Docker Certified Training Course: Every developer should know how to build product quality containerized apps in business-critical environments. In the basics, you’ll learn how to pull app-code from Github, inspect a Dockerfile, containerize the app, and run it as a container. You’ll then learn how to download a docker image, run a command inside it, and more.
  5. Ansible 2.0 Training Course: Ansible is a simple IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and more. In this course, you’ll learn everything about Ansible to increase team productivity and improve business outcomes.

Should You Buy This Bundle?

DevOps is about constant improvement, and many trends are maturing this year and becoming pervasive. The goal is to create an environment in which building, testing, and deploying software can occur quickly and reliably.

So get yourself enrolled in the online DevOps training course and start learning. The deal is available for only $60.

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