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You may get an error prompt when you try to open an application or file. ‘The application has encountered an unhandled exception.[続行]If you click, the application ignores this error and tries to continue.[終了]Click to close the application immediately. If you see this error, there are several ways to try to fix it. This tutorial will show you how to fix an error with an unhandled exception. Windows 10 computer.

Fixed an issue with unhandled exceptions

There are many things you can try, and I will guide you through them.

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Update system and apps

The first thing you should always check is that your system and apps are up to date. Updating will ensure that bugs that may exist in previous versions can be resolved.

step 1: Go to Start menu Click Setting Cog. (Shortcut key: Win + I).

Step 2: select Update and security..

Step-3: In Windows Update Click on the section Check for updates.. If there are updates, update and install.

Step-4: You also need to make sure your app is up to date.Go to start Menu and type Microsoft Open..

Fixed Windows 10 error 80240020 during the installation process

Step-5: Please click Download icon Located in the upper right corner.

Step-6: select Get the latest information..

Step-7: After the system and apps have been updated Reboot Your PC.


Malware may also be causing problems on your PC. You can use Windows Defender or other third-party apps to perform a full malware scan. You can use the free version of Malwarebytes to perform a full scan.However Use this link to download the app Perform a full scan.

Fixing unhandled exception errors by troubleshooting

  1. Open Setting Use shortcut keys Win + I..
  2. In Find settings Search bar, type Find and fix issues with Microsoft Store Apps..
  3. Select this option.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the troubleshooting.

.NET Framework Repair Tool

  1. Open this link.
  2. select download..
  3. Once the exe file is downloaded, open it.
  4. You will be asked, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? click Okay..
  5. I accept the terms of use.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool.
  7. After the tool scans your system, restart your computer.

Fixed an error that caused an unhandled exception in the SFC scan

Performing a system file scan helps you scan and repair corrupted files that may be causing the problem. To do this, follow the steps below.

step 1: Go to Start menu And type cmd..

Step 2: select Run as administrator..

Step-3: You will be asked, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? click Okay..

Step-4: Type the following command and press enter:

sfc / scannow

Step-5: Wait for the scan to complete.

Perform a clean boot

  1. Go to Start menu And type System Open
  2. choose service tab.
  3. Please Confirm Hide all Microsoft services box.
  4. Select now Disable all..
  5. next, start up tab.
  6. click Open task manager..
  7. Then right click on each app and Disable it.
  8. When you’re done, close the manager.
  9. Click now OK To System configuration window.
  10. Then reboot the system.

[If you want to reverse this process, you have to follow all these steps, except for Disable, you have to Enable them]

Boot in safe mode

  1. Open Setting using Win + I Shortcut key.
  2. select Update and security..
  3. choose recovery Tab from the left pane.
  4. click Reboot now under Advanced startup..
  5. select trouble shooting.
  6. select Advanced options..
  7. select Startup settings..
  8. click Reboot.
  9. When the system reboots, you will be given the option to press a key on your keyboard to enter safe mode. Press the key to boot into safe mode.

We hope that these methods will help you fix the error. Let us know in the comments if you have tried other ways to help fix the error.

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