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Check How to Fix ‘Microsoft Teams Not Showing Status’ Issue on Windows 10

Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of many corporations and companies, mainly those that depend on Microsoft Azure and Office. That being said, several Microsoft Teams users complain that they cannot see the status or that the status is not updating. Also, other users are seeing the Unknown Status error. Status is reproduced … Depending on the status set in the profile and visible to all other team members, one can communicate or choose an appropriate time to communicate.

The message can be worded accordingly, so that the user knows if something is urgent or not. Either way, the state, while a small feature, plays an increasingly important role. But Microsoft Teams may sometimes not change your state. Regardless of the status you select, the application will not replace your previous status message. The status of your team can sometimes get stuck at Away, Do Not Disturb, Out of Office, Busy, Presenting, Unknown, etc. Let’s see how you can fix this problem.

Try Teams Web or Mobile

Microsoft Teams is available on all popular platforms, such as desktop computers, web browsers, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. If you’re having trouble viewing the status correctly on one platform, try another for immediate relief. After you have taken care of the task at hand, try one of the following solutions to correct the Unknown Status or Lost Computer Status error.

Reboot status

If the problem is not pervasive and affects only one user, ask them to reset the state. You can do this from the same menu where you define a state.

Select the Teams Only option

Microsoft Teams offers an option called Coexistence Mode that allows users who have upgraded from Skype for Business to coexist with users who have joined Teams directly. By default, it is set to Islands mode. Open the Microsoft Teams admin center and go to Organization-wide Settings> Teams Update. Select Computers Only from the drop-down menu next to Coexistence Mode. Restart Teams once and confirm if the status is showing correctly now.

Unchecked Save teams as a chat app for Office

Another reason for the conflict may be that the Teams app is set as the default chat app for Office users. This means that Teams is importing the state of the Office package, which causes the unknown state or lost state issue.

  • Click on your profile avatar and select Settings.
  • On the General tab on the left sidebar, uncheck “Register computers as a chat app for Office”. If the option is already disabled, try enabling it instead to properly sync status.

Delete configuration files

After this step, the Teams app will be reset. This means that you may need to log back into Teams and set some preferences again. However, all data stored in the cloud will remain intact. settings.json is the file where all Microsoft Teams settings are saved. Deleting it will force Teams to create a new one.

  • Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer and type the address below to quickly navigate to the file folder. If you are seeing an error, first check the hidden items in File Explorer’s View tab.
  • Delete the ‘settings.json’ file. It is recommended to make a backup copy of the file before doing so. Copy it to the desktop.


To date, you have made and tested various changes using the previous solutions. It could help to resolve non-working status or unknown status errors.

The option can be found in the profile logo menu.

Multiple team accounts

Are you on multiple teams and signed in to multiple Teams accounts? It could also cause a conflict. Sign out of all accounts, and then sign in to the one you need to use now or whose status isn’t showing in Teams.

Clear the Microsoft Teams app cache

The cache is usually responsible for all kinds of errors, which is true for all applications and not just for computers. Note that deleting cache files will log you out, but will not cause any data loss.

  • Close the Teams application by clicking the cross button.
  • Open File Explorer again (Windows Key + E) and paste the address below into the search bar. Delete the files and folders below.
  • app cache cache
  • blob_storage
  • Hide
  • database
  • GPU cache
  • Indexed Comics
  • Local storage
  • tmp delete cache files from your computer
  • Restart your computer and restart the Teams application. Can you see the status correctly?

Final words: How to Fix ‘Microsoft Teams Not Showing Status’ Issue on Windows 10

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