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Check How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Extensions Not Syncing’ Issue

Among the many benefits that Google Chrome has for the browsing experience, one of the most important is the option to add extensions. These enhancements range from productivity gains to entertainment or time-saving enhancements. These extensions are synced across all your devices, so they are a pleasure to use. But one of the most annoying things that can happen is when those Chrome extensions stop syncing.

Although using fewer extensions is a better option or it might slow down your PC, these extensions are worth keeping because they are so simple and controlled. Here are some ways to fix your Chrome extension not syncing problem.

Fix: Google Chrome extension syncing doesn’t work

Create and use a sync passphrase for Chrome extensions

Chrome generally encrypts the synced data from your Google account with an advanced encryption method, namely Sync Passphrase. This particular Passphrase technology encrypts your personalized data and stores it in the cloud. This encryption method even blocks Google from reading your personal data. So, you get complete data security.

Next, to get error-free Chrome browser support on all your devices, you need that particular passphrase for Google Chrome sync operation between all your devices. So how to enable passphrase sync option in Google Chrome?

  • Go to Chrome. Click the vertical ellipsis menu button (:) in the upper right.
  • To open Advanced Synchronization Settings, click the synchronization error message.
  • You will see the Encryption option at the bottom. Choose to encrypt the synced data with the ‘sync passphrase’.
  • Now if you want to get the synced data decrypted, this sync passphrase is needed.
  • If you forget or change your passphrase or make changes to the circumstances of your Google account, the Chrome sync will be interrupted. Remember the passphrase or you can always set a new one in case you forget it.

Disconnect and reconnect your Google account with Chrome

This is a spartan way to eliminate most of the problems along with the sync errors of the Google Chrome extension.

  • Go to the Google Chrome settings section by clicking the vertical ellipsis button.
  • A box called “Disconnect your Google account” will appear, click on it.
  • With a confirmation description, a box will be displayed and then the option ‘Disconnect account’ at the bottom. Click on the option.
  • With this process, your account will be disconnected. First, erase all your browsed data, then close the Chrome window. Now open it again.
  • Once again, go to the Settings window, sing into Chrome, and reconnect your Google account.
  • After logging into your account, you can see that the Chrome sync settings are back.

Use Google Control Panel to reset passphrase

The Google Control Panel is a place where you can see all the data (visible and hidden). Using the Dashboard, Chrome sync can be done. You will erase the previous data from the Google server by deleting the passphrase without deleting the stored data, including the device from which you perform this step. TO do this, follow the steps:

  • Sign in to your Google account, click Chrome Sync Link Details, and open the Chrome Sync Panel.
  • A box will appear with the option Reset sync.
  • Click Reset Sync first, then ‘OK’ to reset the passphrase. Start syncing again by logging back into Chrome.

Try the ‘Synchronize all’ option

Go to your Account page, just below the profile picture, there is an option ‘Synchronize’. Along with individual items like bookmarks, search history, etc., the All option will help you manage the syncing of your entire extension.

Try Developer Mode with Chrome Extensions

Make sure your Chrome extension is not getting corrupted by some unexpected crash or shutdown. To confirm, click on ‘Menu’. Then hover your mouse over “More Tools”. Then, from the sliding window, choose the ‘Extensions’ option. A new tab will open containing all the Chrome extensions. Activate the ‘Developer mode’ switch in the upper right corner.

Update Google Chrome extensions

Being updated with the latest version of the Chrome extension, sometimes it may not sync. In such case, go to settings, then select ‘Extension’ under ‘More tools’ option, then ‘Developer mode option’ You will see an option to update the whole extension, please do so and check if it works or not.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Extensions Not Syncing’ Issue

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