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Gmail SMTP Troubleshooting- How to Fix it (1-888-570-1595)

If you use Gmail as an outgoing email server and cannot send the correct email, Google may block login attempts from your applications or devices. Depending on whether you use Google Apps or not, the steps to fix it will be different.

For Google app users

If you are a Google Apps user, you will need your administrator to allow users to change the policies of less secure applications. If you are a Google Apps administrator, follow these steps:

Navigate the Google Apps Control Panel.

Click on “Security” and then on “Basic Settings”.

Look for “Less secure applications”, then click “Go to Settings for less secure applications”.

Select “Allow users to manage their access to less secure applications.”

For other Google users

If you don’t use Google Apps, follow the steps in the following sections to see if 2-Step Verification is enabled for your account.

If 2-Step Verification is not enabled for your account, follow these steps:

Go to the “Less secure applications” page to log in with your account. This option is usually required by very popular email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird, they should not be considered insecure.

Select the “Enable” option.

Still can’t send mail through Gmail?

Please note that you are entering the wrong password to solve more problems. If you can remember your password, resetting or changing your Gmail password is a good idea.

Some email applications use older and less secure technologies to access your email account, and Gmail blocks those requests by default. In these cases, you will receive a message about the security of the email client.

To solve this problem, please log in to your Gmail account via a web browser, log in with less secure applications. If this is not the reason why Gmail is not working in your email client, you may need to open it.

A Definitive Guide to Fixing SMTP Server Errors with Gmail

However, lately, some users have reported problems with their SMTP settings that are creating problems when sending and receiving emails. So in case you are facing a similar problem, you can check out the basic troubleshooting solutions mentioned in this article.

Troubleshooting the SMTP server with Gmail

For users looking for solutions on how to fix the Gmail SMTP server problem, they can refer to the listed solutions and solve this problem in time. In addition, one can feel free to contact support to seek the necessary help for the same.

Enable POP / IMAP settings

Before using SMTP settings, the user must enable permission to access Gmail services from other places. Therefore, to access the SMTP servers, the user must enable the POP / IMAP settings for which they must follow the steps listed:

Login to your Gmail account and click the Settings option.

Now, in the particular section, click Forward POP / IMAP settings.

Then the user needs to enable the IMAP settings.

Gmail SMTP not working iPhone- How to Fix it 

A short guide to configuring IMAP and SMTP settings for Gmail on an iPhone

iPhone users often use Gmail accounts on their devices for instant access to their important emails and other email updates. However, they also find it a bit difficult to configure their IMAP settings, which are responsible for receiving emails on their accounts. But setting up IMAP and SMTP services (for sending emails) for Gmail is pretty easy with the new updates on iPhone devices.

In case you have already configured such settings on your device and still, Gmail SMTP is not working on iPhone, here is what you know to fix it.

A quick method to configure Gmail IMAP and SMTP settings on an iPhone

On your iPhone, switch to the Settings section and then select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Select Add Account and then tap Gmail and then enter your account address and password.

Now select “Save” and your Gmail account will be connected automatically.

Another method to configure Smtp and Imap settings for Gmail on an iPhone

In case you have been thinking about how can I configure IMAP for Gmail on my iPhone even after the steps mentioned above, here is what you can do.

Go to the Settings section on your iPhone and then select Mail and then Add Account.

Now select Other and make sure you don’t select Gmail as then you will be configuring POP settings instead of IMAP.

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