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Check How to Fix ‘Book­marks Not Delet­ing on Chrome’ Issue

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers because it is fast, reliable, and offers other benefits to users. The Chrome web browser does an excellent job of allowing its users to sync different devices used by the same account, so that users can use the same bookmarks, browsing history, auto-complete data, and various other records across multiple devices.

This syncing feature is handy and useful, but it can cause your account profile to fill up with so many bookmarks that people stop using the bookmarks feature. When that happens, sometimes it is better to delete everything and start over.

How to fix Chrome bookmarks without eliminating the problem

Update Google Chrome

  • Click on the Chrome menu> Go to Help.
  • Select About Google Chrome> Automatically check for pending updates.
  • If available, it will begin downloading and installing the latest update.
  • Once done, it will ask you to restart Chrome to change the effects.

Reset Chrome sync

  • Launch Google Chrome> Click on the Menu icon.
  • Go to Settings> In the You & Google category, click on ‘Google & Sync Services’.
  • Click Review your synced data> Click Reset sync.
  • Then click OK to confirm.
  • It will just delete all your browsing data and log out of Chrome on all your devices.
  • Now, go to Bookmark Manager in Chrome from Menu option.
  • Delete all the bookmarks you want to delete.
  • Once done, restart your Chrome browser and check if the bookmarks have been removed or not.
  • Finally, click on the Chrome Sync (Profile) icon next to the menu icon.
  • Then click Activate sync … to enable sync as before again.
  • If you want, you have to manually log into your Chrome again on other disconnected devices.

Disable bookmark extensions

  • Click on the Chrome menu> Go to more tools.
  • Then click Extensions.
  • Turn off iCloud bookmarks or any other bookmarks extension.
  • If you are using iCloud Bookmarks on your Windows PC (iCloud App), try disabling iCloud Bookmark from
  • your iCloud account too.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Click Chrome menu> Settings> Click Advanced.
  • Select Reset & Clean> Choose ‘Restore settings to original defaults’.
  • You can enable or disable the check mark for “Help improve Chrome by reporting current settings.” That depends on you.
  • Now, click on Reset Settings to restore Chrome’s default settings.
  • Lastly, you can try deleting the bookmarks you want.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Book­marks Not Delet­ing on Chrome’ Issue

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