How To Dual Boot Your Raspberry Pi | #linux | #linuxsecurity

Linux users will be familiar with dual booting their systems. We often have Linux running alongside Windows, or another Linux distro. The Raspberry Pi, itself a small $35 Linux computer, isn’t particularly well known for dual booting, but it can be done; all we need is a little help.

PINN is a website which creates a custom installation script tailored to our specific requirements. With PINN, we can install multiple OSes to a single micro SD card or USB stick. PINN doesn’t download an OS to our cards, rather it creates an installation file that when run on our Raspberry Pi, will automatically download and install all of our OS choices. From there all we need to do is reboot, choose a new OS and we are ready to create more great Raspberry Pi projects. 

For This Project You Will Need

  1. A Raspberry Pi, we chose a Raspberry Pi 4
  2. 32GB FAT32 formatted micro SD card
  3. Ethernet connection for your Raspberry Pi
  4. Keyboard, mouse, HDMI, and power for your Raspberry Pi
  5. A PC

How to create a custom installation with PINN

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