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Apple announced iOS 15 earlier this year with a boatload of forward-facing features and nifty tricks. The platform has greatly improved in the privacy and security department as well. Other than this, iOS 15 has a boatload of hidden tricks that you are not familiar with. For instance, you can drag and drop multiple photos, files, and text across different apps. This not only saves time but enhances productivity. If you are not familiar, we will tell you how to drag and drop multiple photos, files, and text across apps on iPhone running iOS 15.

This is How You Can Easily Drag and Drop Multiple Photos, Files, and Text From One App to Another

The drag and drop functionality is available on the iPad since 2017. Now, the functionality is finally available on the iPhone with iOS 15. Take note that the drag and drop operation results in the duplication of photos, files, and text. What this means is that you will not move or delete the subject from one place but simply create a copy of it, which is pasted across apps. This is how Apple’s website explains the feature on its website.

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Drag and drop
With support for drag and drop across apps, you can pick up images, documents, and files from one app and drag them into another.

If you are not familiar with the technique, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below in order to drag and drop multiple photos, files, documents, and more from one app to another on your iPhone running iOS 15.

1. The first thing that you have to do is long-press a photo.

2. Without lifting the finger, tap on multiple photos to select them. You will see how the new photos will fall under your finger with the initial photo.

3. When you have selected multiple photos, you can drag them around. Use your second finger to swipe out of the app and navigate to the desired app.

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4. Drop the multiple photos where the content can be dropped in the app.

This is all that you have to do. The instructions also apply to files and text other than just photos. You can also drag a single item from one app to another. The selected items will move together in the other app.

This is all there is to it, folks. Let us know how your experience has been with the new feature in the comments section below.

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