How to check whether your Google, Facebook, Twitter or other account passwords have been compromised using Chrome | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

A compromised password can do a lot of harm in so many unimaginable ways. So, to protect that from happening, Google has added some additional security layer to its Chrome web browser such as the Password Checker tool which can tell users about the status of all the saved and synced passwords in the browser.

Even though the feature only works for the passwords that are saved in Chrome, it can come in really handy in case of data breaches.

The built-in Password Checker not only scans all the saved passwords for potential leaks in a data breach but also warns users about the rescue and strength of the password.

Wondering how to use it? Follow our step-by-step guide:

Google Chrome to its latest (Chrome 96 or newer) version

Steps to check for compromised passwords


Open Google Chrome and head to Settings


Click on Autofill and choose Passwords


Click on Check Passwords

It will then scan all the saved passwords and categories them on the basis of compromised passwords or weak passwords. In case of compromised passwords, it is advisable to change them as soon as possible.


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