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If you frequently hand your smartphone or tablet over to your kids, parental settings and content filtering are essential. You can also use website blocking to break your social media addiction or to avoid being distracted while working. Whatever the case, we are here to help. Some of the most effective ways to block websites on Android are listed below.

You may want to ban certain websites on your computer for various reasons. Some websites may spread malware, contain sexual content, or attempt to steal your personal information. While you may be perfectly able to avoid these sites, this does not apply to everyone who uses your device. In such circumstances, blocking specific websites may be the best option. There are several methods for restricting websites. You can restrict website access to individual browsers, the entire operating system, or even your network router. Here’s how to set up a website blocker.

Block websites on Android phones or tablets without an app

In fact, most Android users choose to block websites with a third-party tool in the end, for being simple and efficient. But if you are still looking for ways to block a website on Android phone or tablet without installing any apps, you will need to modify your web browsers settings manually or add some extensions to your web browser.

There are many web browsers available, but here we only select the top 4 web browsers among Android phone or tablet users: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge to show how to block websites without an app. For Samsung users, we also added the steps to block websites on Samsung Internet on Android.

Block websites in Google Chrome on Android

Can you block specific websites in Chrome for Android without using third-party apps? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But it allows users to block notifications and pop-ups from all or some of the websites. Here’s how.

  • Run your Google Chrome application on your Android;
  • Go to the website you want to block;
  • Touch the 3 vertical dots to the right of the address bar, then go to the Information icon;
  • Tap site settings
  • Change the permissions by saving a setting, you can block media, pop-up windows or others;

The internal settings of Google Chrome do not allow users to block websites on Android directly, but only block content (such as video and sound) and make their web pages incomplete, so that users leave the website due to bad experience. The good news is that there is a solution.

Another way to permanently block websites in Google Chrome on Android is by using an extension tool. But as we all know, the Google Chrome extension is designed for desktop only, if you want to add a Chrome extension to an Android device, you will need to download and install an additional web browser (recommend Yandex browser), then go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “Block site” and add the Chrome extension to the Yandex browser. The downside is that you will have to visit websites and block them on Yandex. On a side note, UC Browser, a popular web browser in Asia, finds itself in a similar case. It allows users to easily block things like ads and notifications. But no built-in features or extensions are provided to block websites on Android.

Block websites in Mozilla Firefox on Android

There is a super easy and free way to block websites in Firefox on Android, using the free add-ons, as Firefox allows users to add add-ons to their browser.

  • Open your Firefox application on your Android phone or table;
  • Enter the url and find the page;
  • Then find the “Block Site” plugin and click “Add to Firefox”
  • Once the plugin has been added to your Firefox, go back to the Plugins page and tap Block Site, then add the URLs of the websites you want to block in Firefox on your mobile phone;

Block websites in Opera on Android

Although Opera allows users to block ads within the application, it does not support website blocking on Android, you will need to use the extension we mentioned above.

  • Open the Opera application on your Android phone or tablet;
  • Enter “” in the address column, then search for “Block site” on the plugins page;
  • Then add “Block site” to your Opera;
  • Open the plugins and enter the URL of the websites you want to block from Opera on your Android device;

Block websites in Edge on Android

Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Internet Explorer, is quite popular with parents, allowing them to add a child’s account and control which websites their children can access. The steps to block websites on Android are not that easy, but once you have set up an account for children, your children will stay away from harmful or distracting websites when using Android phones.

Step 1. Get your children or others a child account in Microsoft Edge. (You can perform this step with a large screen PC or Mac)

  • Log into your Microsoft account online;
  • Choose Family> Add a Family Member Link> Child, enter the email address of the person added;
  • Click the “Send Invitation” button, then verify and confirm the invitation in the added person’s Outlook account;

Step 2. Block websites on your Edge account. (You can perform this step with a large screen PC or Mac)

  • Log into your Microsoft account online again;
  • Choose Family> Your family> Content restrictions> Web browsing;
  • To be able to block websites on Android in Edge, go to Always blocked, add the URLs of the websites you want to block

Step 3. Install and configure Microsoft Edge on an Android phone or table

  • Open the Microsoft Edge application on an Android phone;
  • Tap the three-dot button to log in with the child account you have added;

Block website on Samsung Internet on Android

For Samsung users who prefer to use their built-in web browser, they should update to version 7.2 or later, as this version comes with a protected browsing mode to detect deceptive sites. But if you find that this does not help at all, you can try to continue to block Samsung internet websites.

  • Open your Google Chrome app and log in;
  • Open Samsung Internet application, touch Menu> Ad Blocker, choose one from the available list to install;
  • Download and install the blocker to block websites on Android on your Samsung Internet;

Block sites and block apps on Mac

  • Block websites that can distract you, such as Facebook, YouTube, ads, etc.
  • Lock apps to greatly protect your privacy, like photos, mail, contacts, etc.
  • Set a schedule to unblock blocked websites or apps at a specific time
  • Keeps logs of any failed attempts of your applications and captures photos

Block websites on Android with a family-friendly web browser

Now that most of the users access the websites through a web browser on their Android phone, is there any web browser that provides a clean and safe online environment? Yes, you can use SPIN Safe Browser. SPIN is a web browser built into an internet filter to automatically block inappropriate and pornographic content. No need to register, login or configure, once you set it as your default web browser it will work.

  • Step 1. Go to Google Play, install SPIN Safe Browser on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Step 2. Tap Settings on your Android device
  • Step 3. Tap Apps> Default apps
  • Step 4. Touch the browser application to open the list
  • Step 5. Choose SPIN from the list to make it your default web browser.
  • Step 6. Open SPIN and you will find that some websites are blocked automatically.

Block websites on Android with the web blocking app

In fact, the easiest way to block websites on your phone is by using a professional web blocking app, which helps to block all kinds of websites on all kinds of web browsers, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera, even Samsung Internet. We recommend highly rated web blocking apps here: BlockSite.

Just as the name suggests, BlockSite is designed to block unwanted websites on Android devices. It is ranked # 1 on Google Play in the web blocker niche and has received tons of positive reviews. It does a good job of blocking any url users want. Also, it comes with a built-in porn blocker and a scheduled blocking feature. It’s all up to you as to what and when to block. It also plays the role of an app locker. You can use this application to stay focused and be more productive. The ease of use and the simple user interface make it stand out among its kind.

  • Step 1. BlockSite is available to download on Google Play. Get it there and install it on your Android phone;
  • Step 2. First, it is recommended to enable the Block Adult Websites feature;
  • Step 3. Tap the add icon in the lower right corner and enter the website you want to block there;
  • Step 4. Return to the main interface. To set a schedule, just click on the alarm clock icon in the upper right corner;

How to block websites on Android using the parental control app

This method is about how to restrict websites on Android using parental control app. If your child still accesses unwanted websites and software, I think Kaspersky Parental Control is your best option. This program works with the standard Android browser and keeps your children away from other browsers that have not been filtered. To flexibly block access to inappropriate websites, you can follow the steps below to block certain websites on Android.

  • Step 1. After you have installed this application on your Android phone, open the application to configure it. Select the categories of websites you want to block. It will then allow you to enforce control of the applications your children use. You can add or remove apps allowed by default in the list.
  • Step 2. You need to set a password and activate the application as a device administrator. Then sign in with your email address to finish the process. You can use this email to connect with customer service in case you forget your admin PIN.
  • Step 3. Make sure you have set the default browser to browse the website. This selected website browser is only allowed and other websites are blocked by default on Android. At last, you can block websites on Android with ease.

Final words: How to Block Web­site On Android

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