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The How To Block Website in Firefox Browser

Firefox might be a little behind Chrome and Edge in terms of features and security, but it’s still my browser of choice. As the only browser of the three that doesn’t harvest and sell my data, it’s also the browser of choice for many security professionals I know too. All that aside, Firefox offers a lot of control over browsing with a cool feature being the ability to block a website.

If you want to learn how to block a website in Firefox, read on!

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Why would you want to block a website at all?

Internet is freedom, right? The freedom to go where you want, to say what you like, and to access the information the way you choose, right? Yes and no. If you are an adult and using your own computer, the Internet should be open and free. But what about the children? What about at work, school or college? What if you want to ensure security?

Most people know enough on the Internet to know where they are going and what they are downloading. Most adults know there are places you don’t go online. The same cannot be said of everyone and if you have people to protect or productivity to maintain, website blocking is a legitimate way to go about it.

So that’s the why, now to the how.

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Block a website in Firefox

In most situations, there are three ways to block a website in Firefox. You can use Windows parental controls, manually block websites in your host file, or use a Firefox add-on. Each does the job but varies in its ease of use. Addons work faster, but involve downloading an addon and running it. Parental controls come next but are not foolproof. The hosts file is the most involved, but it’s less obvious to someone who wants to bypass your restrictions.

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Block a website in Firefox using Windows parental controls

Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t come with built-in parental controls, so we have to use Windows instead. For this to work, you will need to set up a child account in Windows 10. Although it is referred to here as a child account, you can use it for any reason.

  1. Go to Settings & Accounts in Windows 10.
  2. Select Family & Other Users, then Add Family Member.
  3. Select Add a child, enter their email address and click Next. All child accounts must have Microsoft accounts for some reason. If you need to create one, follow the wizard that appears.
  4. Select Family & other users again and click the Manage family settings online link. This will open Edge and take you to the family settings page.
  5. Select the new user and select Settings next to Web browsing.
  6. Select Block inappropriate websites to enable SafeSearch.
  7. You can also allow or block specific websites as you see fit by adding their URL.

These settings intrinsically work with Edge but Firefox checks the settings every time it is loaded and respects the SafeSearch settings.

How to block a website in Firefox-3

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Block a website in Firefox using addons

Firefox offers a wide range of addons that you can use to block specific websites. These may be more appropriate for situations other than protecting children, but can be bypassed if the user knows what they are doing.

  1. Visit the Firefox Add-ons site using the browser and search for Parental Controls.
  2. Select an appropriate add-on and install it. Follow the setup instructions as each differs depending on the product. Make sure to set a tough password to keep the add-on safe.
  3. Restart your browser if necessary and test.

There are dozens of addons that do a range of things and block a website in Firefox. Each one differs in exactly what and how they do it, so check the reviews before you try.

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Block a website in Firefox using your hosts file

The last way to block a website in Firefox is to edit your hosts file. A host file maps IP addresses to domain names and is verified by Windows before visiting a particular website. It is a good way to block specific sites without using parental controls or addons. The downside is that you will have to edit the entry if you want to go to a particular site as it permanently blocks them for every user.

  1. Navigate to C: WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  2. Right click on your hosts file and select Copy. Then paste it into the folder to get a clean copy.
  3. Right click on the hosts and select Edit.
  4. Type or paste “” and “” on separate lines. Where you see the site name, add the URL of the website you want to block. We cover both www. and the name of the site, as websites tend to use both.
  5. Repeat for as many sites as you want to block.
  6. Save the hosts file and restart your computer.

Now, whenever you try to access any of the websites you listed, you should see the Unable to sign in page in Firefox. Directing a URL to sends it to your computer’s loopback address. This means that the browser will never reach the website in question.

The downside to using the hosts file is that you have to manually block each website. The upside is that most users won’t know how you did it.

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