How To Block Ads In Google Chrome On Android | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

Chrome’s ad block feature doesn’t exactly remove all traces of ads, but rather, it works more like an ad filter. Turning it on can help in preventing more inappropriate and annoying ads from showing up while browsing on Chrome. This comes in handy for those visiting websites that are brimming with frustrating ads, especially if they include overly intrusive ones that are covering huge chunks of the screen or load as users are leaving a site, hindering them from viewing the page entirely or navigating away from a site quickly.

Since Chrome’s ad-blocker aims to lessen the frequency of certain ads, this can also result in the browser consuming less of the phone’s resources, making it beneficial for handsets with weaker processing power. Overall, enabling Google Chrome’s ad blocker leads to fewer ads in general, and when it comes to the Internet’s overabundance of ads, less is usually better.

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