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Check How to Block a Website in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Sometimes when you surf the Internet with browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, you suffer from the problem of unwanted pop-ups, notifications and websites that you do not want to access. Also, you want to restrict all websites that are allowed to be accessed in your browser to prevent children from accessing them. Users should block a website if they receive inappropriate content in relation to the amount of data or harmful data. These sites are divided between work periods and also consume disk space. Also, you need to block a website if you want to restrict children’s access to some websites, for example, Facebook and YouTube.

Therefore, you can block a website. Mozilla Firefox browser offers some advanced website blocking tools that restrict user access to this website in Firefox. Here are the steps to block a website in Mozilla Firefox using the Block Site add-on: You can set Safari in OS X Yosemite to allow pop-ups, which can be useful if a website you visit uses pop-ups to display useful content or ads you want to see to help the website generate more revenue.

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Click on the Control Panel icon.
  • Click Set up Family Safety for any user.
  • Click on the user account for parental controls.
  • Click the radio button Turn on, apply current settings under Family Safety.
  • Click Web Filtering.
  • Click the I can only use websites I allow radio button, and then click Set web filtering level.
  • Choose a restriction level that’s appropriate for your needs, allowing only specific sites you’ll specify, or allowing only particular types of sites.
  • Then click Allow or Block Websites to further customize which websites are allowed.
  • Enter the address of any specific website to allow or block, and click the Allow or Block buttons.
  • Continue until you have addressed all the specific websites to allow or block.

Final words: How to Block a Website in Mozilla Firefox Browser

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