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It’s fair to say that Apple’s Touch ID system revolutionised smartphone security and mobile payments, introducing a powerful and intuitive biometric authentication system to smartphone users.

With the recent launch of the iPhone SE (2022), Apple is still releasing new fingerprint-driven iPhones.

So what if you want to add another fingerprint to your iPhone? You don’t always pick up or operate your iPhone with the same hand, after all.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to add another fingerprint to your iPhone. Here’s how.

What we used

  • We used the iPhone SE 2, but these methods will work on any iPhone with a Touch ID system.

The Short Version

  • Open Touch ID & Passcode in Settings
  • Authenticate
  • Tap Add a Fingerprint
  • Touch Home button repeatedly
  • Adjust Your Grip
  1. Step

    Open Touch ID & Passcode in Settings

    Open the Settings app, then tap Touch ID & Passcode.Touch ID & passcode fingerprint

  2. Step


    Enter your passcode.Touch ID fingerprint enter passcode

  3. Step

    Tap Add a Fingerprint

    Scan down to Fingerprints and tap Add a Fingerprint.

  4. Step

    Touch Home button

    Place your finger on the Home button repeatedly as directed until the fingerprint symbol is completely red.Touch ID add fingerprint

  5. Step

    Adjust Your Grip

    Tap Continue when asked, then repeat step 4 with the edge of your finger. Tap Continue on the Complete screen.Touch ID Adjust Your Grip


Why does my fingerprint entry keep failing?

You might be pressing too hard, at which point your iPhone will warn you. Alternatively, your finger or the Home button might be dirty or moist, so clean both off with a cloth.

How do I delete fingerprints?

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, tap on the Finger [Number] you wish to delete, then Delete Fingerprint.

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