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You can now add a Password Manager shortcut to your Android’s home screen

Google offers a built-in password manager in Chrome and Android that automatically saves and syncs all your login details across devices. It makes logging into various apps and services as simple as tapping on the login box and verifying your identity. The problem is that unlike some of the best password managers out there, Google’s offering does not have a native app, and it acts more as an autofill service than a standalone password manager. You need to dive deep into the settings menu of your Android phone to access the saved login credentials. Thankfully, this is now changing for good.

With the latest Google Play system update (via 9to5Google), the big G has added the ability to add the Password Manager shortcut on the home screen of your Android device. This will make it easier to directly jump to the list of saved login credentials in the password manager for quick access—the current process of accessing your stored passwords in Google Chrome is a bit of a chore. The option to create a shortcut is being rolled out as a part of the Google Play Services v22.18 update.


How to add the Password Manager shortcut on your Android phone’s home screen for easy access

  1. Open your System Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Privacy.
  3. Select the Auto-fill service from Google option.
    1. You will now see the Google account and different categories of information stored in the password manager.
  4. Tap Passwords.
    1. The login credentials saved in the password manager will show up now.
  5. Tap the Settings button in the top-right corner.
  6. Select the Add shortcut to your home screen option.
  7. Confirm the move by tapping Add again.
    1. The Passwords shortcut should show up on the home screen now.
    2. If you have multiple Google accounts synced to your phone, you’ll have to select the primary account every time you use the shortcut to open the password manager.

While this is a thoughtful implementation from Google, it has not been executed in the best possible way. Adding the shortcut is cumbersome, and there’s no way to have it appear in the app drawer instead of the home screen. Additionally, like other password managers, the company should have added a biometric verification process when the password manager is opened. Right now, that only happens when you try to view any of the stored login credentials. Here’s hoping Google addresses these drawbacks with future updates.

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