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Organisations in Australia and New Zealand are facing increasingly complex cloud environments as they seek to modernise their IT, and discover and exploit new opportunities for business growth. However, many are trying to avoid the constraints of cloud vendor lock-in and instead adopting an open hybrid cloud strategy.

Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise software solutions, is ideally placed to meet their needs. It uses a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies that help users standardise across environments, develop cloud-native applications, and integrate, automate, secure and manage complex environments.

To enable organisations to maximise the benefits of Red Hat solutions in their hybrid cloud strategies, Red Hat has created its Certified Cloud Service Provider (CCSP) partner program. CCSP partners are able to offer and support the full range of Red Hat solutions and services.

Red Hat has appointed Tech Data as CCSP distributor to qualify, recruit, onboard and support CCSP partners. This article looks at the drivers of demand for the services CCSP partners offer, the role of Tech Data in selecting and supporting CCSP partners. It provides an overview of typical partner organisations, and how they can support their customers with the full range of Red Hat services.

Why the market needs CCSP partners

Hybrid cloud enables organisations to provide compliant solutions, support IT modernisation and uncover new business growth opportunities without vendor lock-in. It provides the flexibility and scalability customers require to meet their evolving needs.

IDC has identified hybrid cloud to be a key imperative for Australian enterprises’ infrastructure transformation in 2021. IDC says it is “vital that technology vendors…support this long-term trend by assisting enterprises’ transition to a hybrid cloud environment with technology, services and a skilled channel.”

In New Zealand, IDC says adoption of multi or hybrid cloud strategies is “leading organisations to rely increasingly on managed cloud services providers to manage more complex environments and access new business services to deliver business outcomes.”

Garry Gray, director of partners and alliances, Red Hat A/NZ said cloud provider models had expanded beyond simple, multi-tenant public clouds to include multi-hybrid cloud build-outs, Linux container-based infrastructure and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions. “Customers want to optimise their workloads in the best possible environment. And Partners are at the heart of Red Hat’s ecosystem, underpinning our vision to build and deploy the best applications possible and develop greater customer relationships,” he said.

“Red Hat is continuously investing in its channel to ensure partners receive the highest level of training, enablement, service excellence, robust benefits, and the ability to deliver flexible Red Hat subscriptions and technologies aligned with changing customer needs. The Red Hat CCSP program gives partners the ability to expand the trusted cloud services they provide to customers”. 

Red Hat solutions enable organisations to build secure, scalable platforms that embrace both public and private cloud and empower DevOps to develop, deploy and manage diverse applications seamlessly.

CCSP partners gain access to the full range of Red Hat solutions and technologies, enabling them to expand their hybrid cloud service offerings and support scalable, highly available third-party ISV applications on Red Hat technologies.

Tech Data’s role as CCSP distributor

Tech Data was appointed a distributor for Australia and New Zealand for the Red Hat CCSP program in March 2020 to help Red Hat meet growing customer demand for managed, multi-hybrid cloud solutions.

The company works with Red Hat to qualify, recruit and onboard the right CCSP partners, validating them for their ability to host and resell Red Hat’s portfolio of solutions through a monthly, pay-as-you go consumption model that supports multi-tenant, dedicated, hybrid and managed-service delivery models.

Tech Data is also able to offer CCSP partners other services that complement and enhance their Red Hat services. These include:

– access to a wider ecosystem of complimentary vendors that includes AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Diamanti, Hybrid Cloud, NVIDIA and Thales,

– access to the Tech Data Centre of Excellence,

– access to skilled pre-sales support; and

– access to Tech Data StreamOne billing platform that enables them to scale, launch and manage a broad range of cloud services, and handle provisioning, billing and end-user lifecycle management.

What it takes to be a Red Hat CCSP partner

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