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Cloudera’s Carolyn Duby on New Approaches to Securing SOC Data

Carolyn Duby, Principal Solutions Engineer and Cyber Security Lead, Cloudera

There are fundamental challenges in how enterprises secure SOC data, and they start with: How do you grant access to the right people and deny it to the wrong? Carolyn Duby of Cloudera opens up on how to address data governance, privacy and security concerns.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Duby discusses:

  • The need for a security data lake;
  • Addressing access and data governance;
  • How Cloudera approaches modern SOC data security challenges.

Duby is Principal Solutions Engineer and Cybersecurity Lead at Cloudera, where she helps customers worldwide turn their log event haystack into analytic gold. Previously, she was the architect for cybersecurity event correlation at Secureworks. A subject-matter expert in cybersecurity and data science, she hosts the Future of Data Meetup and enables other developers by speaking at conferences such as Strata Data Conference, Dataworks Summit, Open Data Science Conference and Day of Security. She holds an ScB (magna cum laude) and ScM from Brown University, both in computer science. She’s a lifelong learner who completed the Johns Hopkins University Coursera data science specialization.

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