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Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 and became the preferred gateway for millions to access the World Wide Web.

But even though IE is not popular anymore, it is still the go-to browser for some people and enterprises using it for their legacy apps and websites.

If you or your organization are on Internet Explorer, you should know that Microsoft plans to retire the historic browser on June 15, 2022. Let’s see what the future of IE is and how it will affect you and your business.

The Future of Internet Explorer Is in Microsoft Edge

On May 19, 2021, while announcing the end of support for Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft stated that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge.

What’s in store for you as a commercial organization, an IT admin, a developer, or an IE user is a faster, more secure, and more modern web experience than Internet Explorer, in the form of Microsoft Edge. And Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) will be the only browser with built-in compatibility for legacy Internet Explorer-based sites and apps.

You can also see the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ to find answers to questions like what platforms will get affected and the impact of IE being retired on you and your business.

Access the Web of the Past and the Future

Microsoft is revolutionizing its products and apps, and while doing so, it’s also ensuring that legacy websites and applications are supported and not left behind.

As an IE user, Microsoft Edge with IE mode is a single solution that will be the bridge to the future web while still giving you access to the web of the past.

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What Makes Microsoft Edge a Worthy Successor to IE?

Let’s look at why Edge is more than capable of replacing the aged Internet Explorer.

1. Improved Compatibility

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had suggested using Microsoft Edge as a modern browser and falling back to IE 11 when needed just for backward compatibility.

But like other users, you too would have faced the problem of switching from one browser or a browser popping up over the other.

Since Microsoft Edge with IE mode is built on the Chromium project (the technology that powers many of today’s browsers), you get a dual-engine advantage. Now you can access modern sites with Chromium and legacy sites with IE mode on Microsoft Edge-even after the IE app is retired.

2. App Assure Support for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365

An ongoing Microsoft study involving customer experiences and hundreds of thousands of apps found that over 99.7% of apps work on the newest versions of Microsoft products.

But even if a single app doesn’t work, there’s no need to worry. Microsoft’s App Assure service comes with the promise that your Internet Explorer 11 legacy apps should work in Microsoft Edge.

And if there’s an issue with any of your apps, you can reach out to the App Assure team, and their engineers will fix it for you at no additional cost.

3. Streamlined Productivity

Staying efficient and productive is a goal that you would be aiming for every day. And a single browser to access it all is a big plus.

Microsoft Edge with its dual-engine advantage streamlines your productivity. Be it a public website or an internal app, you can open and work on both within a single browser.

Moreover, innovative and modern features in Microsoft Edge also make it better than Internet Explorer. Like Sleeping Tabs, which saves system resources by enabling you to put inactive tabs to sleep after a specific time. You can also arrange tabs vertically to make them easier to read.

4. Better Browser Security

With cybersecurity threats only increasing, ensuring the security of your confidential information has become even more challenging.

Approximately 579 password attacks are attempted every second! But you can secure your business environment with the robust Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge gives you peace of mind with the highest-rated protection against both phishing attacks and malware on Windows 10 with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

It also offers Password Monitor, which scans the Dark Web to identify if your personal credentials have been compromised. And with tie-ins to the Microsoft 365 Security suite, Microsoft Edge is even better for organizations. In fact, Microsoft Edge is more secure than Chrome for businesses on Windows 10, according to Microsoft’s documentation.

Moreover, Microsoft Edge is more agile while responding to security vulnerabilities. For example, while Internet Explorer 11 had monthly security updates, Microsoft Edge can issue security patches for immediate vulnerabilities within days, if not hours.

How to Turn On Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft states that Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge will be supported through 2029 at least. Use the following steps to turn on Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge:

  1. In the address bar for Microsoft Edge, type edge://settings/defaultbrowser
  2. Slide the Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer toggle to ON and then click Enter.
  3. Restart Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer mode is now enabled. To view a website using Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the website you want to view in Internet Explorer mode.
  2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  3. Select Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.
  4. If you are on Microsoft Edge version 92 or earlier, select More tools > Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.

When accessing a legacy site, the IE icon will appear right at the start of the browser’s address bar, so you’ll know you are browsing the site in IE mode.

Microsoft’s Move to Edge Has You Covered

Microsoft knows the importance and value of your legacy apps and sites to you.

And so, Microsoft is ensuring that your move to the Edge browser with IE mode is hassle-free and seamless and comes with the support to retain your critical IE apps.

The Getting Started guide on the Internet Explorer mode site is a helpful resource, as is the Edge Advisor, a wizard to help you configure Microsoft Edge for your environment.

It’s Time You Moved to Microsoft Edge With IE Mode

So if you are running a business, developing an app, or working from home, you now know that moving to Microsoft Edge with IE mode will make your browsing experience faster, safer, and up-to-date.

Microsoft Edge will help you extend the life of your legacy websites and apps, well beyond the Internet Explorer 11 retirement date.

Image Credits: Microsoft

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