How Microsoft identifies malware and unwanted apps | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

Microsoft aims to provide a delightful and productive Windows experience by working to ensure you’re safe and in control of your devices. Microsoft helps protect you from potential threats by identifying and analyzing software and online content. When you download, install, and run software, Microsoft checks the reputation of downloaded programs and ensures you are protected against known threats. You are also warned about software that is unknown to Microsoft. 

You can assist Microsoft by submitting unknown or suspicious software for analysis. This will help ensure that unknown or suspicious software is scanned by our system to start establishing a reputation.  This will provide an overview of the classifications Microsoft uses for applications and the types of behaviors that lead to that classification.

New forms of malware and potentially unwanted applications are being developed and distributed rapidly. The following list may not be comprehensive, and Microsoft reserves the right to adjust, expand, and update these without prior notice or announcement.

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