How Logicalis is serving up a security lifeline in Asia | #malware | #ransomware

Paras Chadha (Logicalis Asia)

Credit: Logicalis Asia

Logicalis is enhancing security offerings in Asia as organisations balance the need for rapid transformation with mounting cyber challenges, building out a deepened level of managed services capabilities in response.

In looking back on a turbulent 12-24 months across Asia, the notable roadblocks associated to COVID-19 triggered a surge in digitalisation projects at both enterprise and mid-market levels as organisations overhauled technology portfolios and business models in the pursuit of efficiency and innovation.

“But this swift adoption of technology has also led to an increase in sophisticated and targeted attacks that are able to penetrate the archaic defence mechanisms of many enterprises, which see cyber security as an inhibitor of progress with burdensome protection measures,” observed Paras Chadha, senior business director at Logicalis Asia.

In other words, a cyber caveat continues to hang over the region like an anxious asterisk. This is a market riding the crest of a transformation wave but remains grounded by the sober realisation that evolution requires increased protection.

“This mindset is quickly changing,” Chadha noted. “Businesses are realising that they need to have a 360-degree resilient and robust security posture.

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