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Bandai Namco is a video game publisher that has popular titles like — Pac-Man, Tekken and Elden Ring under its belt. According to a new report by TechCrunch, the Japanese game publisher has confirmed that cyber attackers have invaded its systems and have possibly acquired some customer data. As per the report, Bandai Namco has been said to have recently detected “unauthorised access” to its servers by a third party. However, since the breach, the publisher has taken measures by blocking access to the affected servers to “prevent the damage from spreading.” This data breach has finally been accepted by the publisher days after the Alphv ransomware gang (also known as BlackCat) added the Japanese company to its dark web leak site.
What is the Alphv ransomware gang
The report states that the Alphv ransomware group is the “latest incarnation of the DarkSide gang responsible for the Colonial Pipeline attack.” This ransomware gang has threatened to release the stolen data “soon,” however, they didn’t provide an exact deadline. Meanwhile, Bandai Namco has declined to confirm whether it had been given a ransom demand, the report suggests.
How is Alphv attacking Bandai Namco
Bandai Namco has only confirmed that it has been hit by ransomware and has warned that the hackers might have stolen customer data. However, the company declined to explain the nature of the cyberattack or how the attackers were able to access its systems.
The company said that “there is a possibility that customer information related to the Toys and Hobby Business in Asian regions (excluding Japan) was included in the servers and PCs”. Moreover, the company has also stated that it is “currently identifying the status of the existence of leakage, the scope of the damage and investigating the cause.”
How is Bandai Namco fighting this ransomware attack
Bandai Namco added that it will “continue to investigate the cause of this incident and will disclose the results as appropriate.” The company has also admitted that it will work with external organisations to “strengthen security throughout the Group” and take steps to stop a recurrence. The video game publishers have also apologised to everyone who has been “involved for any complications or concerns caused by this incident.”
Other gaming companies targeted by hackers
Apart from Bandai Namco, there is a long list of gaming companies that have already been targeted by cyber attackers. The studio behind The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red, was hit by a ransomware attack in 2021. In this attack, hackers leaked data related to the studio’s games, contractors and employees. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts (EA) was also hit by a cyberattack in June which is an incident believed to be connected “to the once-notorious” Lapsus$ hacking group.
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