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Apple Mail now blocks email tracking activities. Now, here’s why this new security enhancement is bad news for advertisers but a good thing for Mail users.  

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For the past few years, people across the globe have been looking for email services that will offer them better privacy features. 

Thanks to Apple Mail’s new anti-email tracking feature, users can now have a new online messaging service they can rely on. 

How Does Apple Mail Prevent Email Tracking?

According to The Wired’s latest report, the new Apple Mail feature was first launched in September 2021. Thanks to this cybersecurity enhancement, ads can no longer track your email activities on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. 

How Apple Mail Prevents Email Tracking? Here's Why It's Good for You, But Bad for Advertisers

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A member of the press inspects the new trrackpad on a MacBook Pro laptop after a special announcement event at Apple Headquarters October 14, 2008 in Cupertino, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced new versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook laptop computers.

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“If I start a conversation with somebody and they’re not responding to me, I’m going to stop talking to them at some point,” said Wpromote Digital Intelligence Vice President Simon Poulton. 

He added that this is how marketers work. They check the users who are listening and who are not. Once they identify them, they will change their strategies to attract the non-listeners. 

When it comes to function, Apple Mail’s new security feature works by installing images before users open them. After that, the email service will mark them as “read.” 

This method is called caching. Aside from the anti-email tracking feature, the iPhone maker has been releasing new privacy features that are quite similar.  

Other Apple Mail Privacy Enhancement

Experts said that Apple has been releasing Mail privacy enhancements. These include the Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which is available in iOS and Safari, as well as the iCloud Hide My Email function. 

On the other hand, there are also other simple security features that Apple Mail offers. PC Mag said that the iPhone maker’s official email service allows users to hide their email addresses. 

However, this is only available for iCloud+ subscribers. If you want to see more details about Apple Mail’s privacy features, you can visit this link. 

On the other hand, some Apple TV users are still affected by the 2021 Dolby Atmos audio issue. 

Meanwhile, AirTags’ phantom alerts now have issues. 

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