How California community colleges can stem enrollment decline | #education | #technology | #training

The collapse of enrollment in California community colleges has been a long time coming, but it is no surprise.

There are some common denominators on why community colleges are running into a wall. Take a look at some of the reasons why we see more students dropping out now:

  • They often lack the practical life skills needed for personal maintenance. Personal needs can overwhelm the best intentions.
  • Students are less likely to have lived independently and lack the management skills to do so.  
  • Significant numbers of systemically discriminated, marginalized students are in community colleges and have less ability to navigate the complex social systems of housing, finance, food, education, transportation, technology and social connection.
  • Lack of child care. Single mothers are among the most impoverished cohort of struggling students. 
  • Community college students typically engage in less long-term life planning and are more tempted by short-term rewards, like current higher wage rates, than the distant rewards of a degree. 
  • Today, they have less family support, and poorer physical and mental health.

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