How attackers are using targeted spear-phishing to evade cybersecurity defenses | #emailsecurity

Do you have a spear-phishing problem? More importantly, would you even know if you did? And how would you deal with an incident? I ask these questions because the number of spear-phishing attacks continues to rise and the tactics used by attackers are evolving to become ever more targeted and to evade even the best of defenses. 

Within the context on the pandemic, we have increasingly identified scammers using the fear and concern associated with Covid-19 to drive phishing campaigns and, perhaps most prominently now, hackers have attached themselves with increasing vigour to the vaccination program. These spear-phishing attacks can be highly personalized and highly sophisticated, and are now designed to navigate basic cyber defense measures and utilize visual indicators of security, such as reCAPTCHA codes in phishing sites, official branding and legitimate email services, all for the purpose of convincing victims to enter their personal information.

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