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Apple updates hardware, software, and services every year and has never been too afraid to cannibalize an existing product range to make way for the new — the iPhone ate the iPod, after all. Now, we hear that Apple is preparing its late 2022/early 2023 product salvo, and, as expected, this may include AR glasses.

What’s the story?

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg condensed all the current Apple speculation in a recent post. In brief, upcoming arrivals include:

  • Macs, including M2 and M3 models, including an M2 Pro, Max, Ultra and Extreme configurations.
  • Four iPhone 14 devices – two with an A16 chip and always-on display.
  • iPad updates, including M2 iPad Pro models and an A14 entry-level model.
  • Three Apple Watch models, including an SE and a rugged version.
  • The mixed-reality headset, equipped with an Apple chip, likely a low-power, high performance M2 processor.
  • An Apple TV upgrade, with additional gaming capabilities and a better processor.
  • HomePod, which may include a display.
  • And an AirPods Pro upgrade, including heart monitor.

That’s the round-up, so what might it tell us?

New business opportunities loom

First, it tells us Apple is preparing to open a new business segment around AR glasses. CEO Tim Cook has been guiding us towards this for ages and we’ve written extensively about the company’s purported plans. But this fresh frontier is now about to emerge and will provide businesses with a chance to build customer and internal collaboration relationships, digitize business processes, and explore/pioneer new market opportunities.

We can anticipate companies already in the space will probably be preparing to pivot their own product design and development roadmaps to reflect Apple’s eventual design. Sony, Microsoft, Valve, HTC, and Meta will all be watching, and you can anticipate some spicy talk from at least some competitors through the vehicle of the Metaverse Standards Forum. Talk is cheap, but the overall effect will be to promote rapid growth across the existing AR/VR industry.

Content and services developers will directly benefit, predicts analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. I agree.

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