Houseplant expert shares watering hack to transform indoor plants | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

A plant mister from Sproutl costs £6.99.

Sanctuary Green Planter Mister costs £8 from Dunelm.

Sainsbury’s Home Sprayer costs just £2.25.

Wilko Trigger Sprayer is just £1.

The gardening expert also said indoor plants should not be positioned near an open fireplace or wood burner.

She added: “And really, not many plants like being near a radiator.

“It just sucks that moisture out of the air.”

Hollie said with rare and statement plants, houseplant enthusiasts should “carefully” read the care advice, even before buying.

She said: “If you’re worried, read that before you buy it because there will be one that’s perfect for your conditions.”

The gardening expert also suggested putting an alert into a calendar on your phone to remember to feed your houseplants.

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