‘Hometown Kickstart’ stars Ben and Erin Napier don’t want to post daughter’s face online, here’s why | #socialmedia

Erin Napier and her husband Ben are well known for their work on the show ‘Home Town’. The story follows the couple as they help families purchase and renovate homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

Erin Napier doesn’t shy away from sharing the challenges of motherhood with her fans. Erin, her husband Ben, and 3-year-old daughter Helen welcomed baby Mae into their family in May 2021, and the new mom has always been open about the realities of parenting. Erin has recently shared the challenges of breastfeeding, new parent sleep struggles, and even the difficulty of getting a home-cooked dinner on the table, and her fans applaud her honesty. While they do give fans glimpses into their home life, Ben and Erin have chosen to keep their daughters’ faces off of Instagram which Erin explained in her Instagram story.


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Why doesn’t Erin share her daughter’s face on social media?

Erin, 35, who shares her child with husband Ben Napier, 37, says it’s a “personal choice” that’s perhaps “not the same for everyone.”  According to an article by People, she stated in her Instagram story how she explained a very rude comment about her daughter, Helen but didn’t want her to be dogpiled. She also stated that she could block her and move on but she decided to answer the ones who ask why they hid her face.

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‘Protect Helen’s privacy’

She then stated how it is an awful feeling to have millions of people picking apart an image of their baby’s face and how it is awful to see a photo of their child used to promote some sort of overseas kids clothing company. Some celebrities feel comfortable sharing photos of their children or grandchildren on social media. HGTV star Erin is not one of them. Erin and Ben feel they should protect Helen’s privacy because she should get to decide if she wants to be a public figure.

She continued by stating how it was unsettling when strangers visiting to see their HomeTown reach out to embrace her daughter when she doesn’t know them. Erin also added how they were the protectors of her image and without her, their lives would be hollow and with nothing left to share. She then stated how they both were proud of her and her existence but her likeness was only theirs to protect and decide when it was okay to share. In the end, she added how they love and appreciate everyone who supported their show but their daughter doesn’t owe anyone anything.

‘Home Town Kickstart’ will premiere on Sunday, April 24, 2022, at 8 pm on HGTV.

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